Mo-tse quantum satellite communication test site photo

"Mo-tse" communication satellite and quantum test site photos released Mo-tse quantum satellite and ground station communication is the original title test: "Mo-tse" quantum satellite and the ground station test photo communications announced this afternoon, micro-blog issued such a micro-blog for the high-energy physics research institute researcher Cao Jun China users @ Cao Jun: Mo-tse IHEP, quantum satellite and ground station communication is test, red for ground launch, launch green for Mo-tse (thanks to Han Yueyang provide photos). Science fiction, very tall on the wood! So this is the world’s first quantum science experimental satellite "Mo-tse" and the ground test picture. Micro-blog for "friends @ nine dimensional space Sturman researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences" quantum information excellence innovation center explained that the photographs of the two light beacon, satellite ground two telescope for high speed tracking used, not used to do quantum communication experiment of single photon light (people’s eye for communication not see). Green 532 nm from the star to the ground, red from the earth to the ground from 810 to. He said that the satellite and the ground station each have a telescope to receive and send a single photon quantum communications, so the need to use a beacon laser next to the target. As for why the photo has the effect of red green light, @ Cao Jun IHEP added, exposure for 200 seconds, so see a line. @ nine dimensional space Sturman also revealed that, on the 25 day, the station and the success of quantum satellite laser beam docking, the evening of 26, Ali station and the successful completion of a quantum laser beam docking. Is this docking: 500km orbit, the first cosmic velocity, 200mm telescope, the difficulty is equivalent to your station is fifty kilometers away to a dime accurately into a bottle of mineral water with high iron column at full speed on! According to Pan Jianwei, chief scientist of experimental quantum science satellite previously introduced, "Mo-tse" plays an important role in transmitting and transmitting optical signals, in order to ensure the light signal from the earth’s surface for hundreds of kilometers were able to successfully ground optical antenna, is like "Diamond cuts diamond.". He explained that because of the optical signals transmitted by satellites is the single photon level is extremely weak, will be affected by many factors in the process of the space to ground transmission, such as starlight, lighting will become the background noise signal transmission. In addition, the movement of the satellite is very fast, the ground optical antenna must keep up with the satellite’s "rhythm" is possible to achieve accurate signal reception. Therefore, in the design process of the "Mo-tse" quantum communication satellite, not only to overcome the interference of various kinds of noise to ensure the stability of the signal source, but also to achieve accurate docking with the ground optical antenna. Although it is like "Diamond cuts diamond. like harsh experimental conditions, but in China the unremitting efforts of scientists, technical problems so unbelievable is still resolved. At 1:40 on August 16th, China’s Jiuquan satellite launch center with the Long March two Ding Yunzai rocket successfully launched the "Mo-tse". "Mo-tse" quantum satellite is one of the first scientific experiment satellites in the field of space science of the Chinese Academy of sciences.相关的主题文章: