Millet began to produce smart machines in Indonesia annual output of one million units

red rice 4A

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on February 11th news, according to technology website ZDNet reported that millet has begun production of intelligent mobile phone factory in Indonesia, the factory annual output of up to 1 million units, mainly supply products in Indonesia market.


spokesman said that the factory built in Indonesia Batan Island, the production line of the first red rice 3S has been officially off the assembly line equipment. Because the machine is only a small upgrade, so the first batch of red rice 3S production is not.

in addition to red rice 3S, the plant will also produce red rice 4A at the end of February, the machine will be officially on sale in indonesia. After the new plant put into operation, millet said he has been able to meet the requirements of the Indonesian government to get permission to sell 4G phones in the country.

Indonesia government regulations, in order to get a sales license, foreign manufacturers of 4G products, at least 30% of the hardware and software from Indonesia, to 2019 this proportion will be raised to 40%.

millet officially entered the Indonesian market in August 2014, they sold the first model is red rice 1S.

was asked about the specific sales of millet in the Indonesian market and the amount of investment in the new plant, the spokesman did not give answers. He just said that Indonesia is an important market for millet, in addition to millet also want to work with local developers in Indonesia, to enhance the user experience of their products.

IDC’s latest data show that last year in Chinese millet shipments of 41 million 500 thousand units, fell 36% year-on-year, the market share of only 8.9%, ranking also fell to fifth, once the China smartphone market big boss is gone.