Millet 6 exposure March release of independent flagship processor

Millet 6 exposure: March release of independent flagship processor

original title: heavy! Millet 6 exposure: March / independent flagship processor blessing

millet has said this month at the end of the MWC conference they will not participate in, so the real new we have to wait until March to see before, Liwan Jiang had notice in March they have amazing new products.

is now the "Wall Street journal" given exclusive broke the news that the millet will release a heavy new machine in the next month, it is equipped with a processor the independent research and development, and the mobile phone should be rumored millet mobile phone 6.

also reported that millet had a lot of hope on the , they developed high, medium and low processor to support their product lineup, which can reduce the dependence on Qualcomm and MediaTek, and better cost control, the new machine development progress more freely.

in accordance with the positioning of millet, MI6 if it is equipped with a pine nut processor, it should be the flagship level . Before there was news that the millet prepared two pineal processor, high-end positioning is V970, the core parameters for 4× A73+4× A53 eight nuclear structure, nuclear speeds up to 2.7GHz, then is 2.0GHz, also equipped with Mali G71 MP12 graphics chip, the main frequency speed is 900MHz.

V970 is used in addition, pineal and Xiaolong 835 in the same 10nm process, and also by Samsung foundry. If the Wall Street Journal gives accurate information, then the progress of the flagship processor is also very fast, some accidents.

said it is worth mentioning that the pineal V670 will be 5C starting from the millet, millet and leadcore jointly completed the design, using the 4× A53 +4× A53; nuclear; nuclear big structure, the graphics processor was equipped with MaliT860 MP4, clocked at the speed of 800HMz, but 28nm is used in the process. The SMIC foundry.

summary of previous rumors, millet 6 straight screen version with 4GB of ram, and curved screen version is the 6GB memory, the battery capacity is expected to at least 3000mAh, IMX362 sensor with 12 million pixels, running Android 7 system, the storage capacity and the optional 128GB 256GB, priced at 1999 yuan.

we look forward to equipped with millet independent R & D processor phone?