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Microsoft: SONY PS4 Pro performance is not enough, not really 4K- Sohu digital news September 22nd, Microsoft Xbox product planning department senior director Albert Penello said that the performance of PS4 Pro 4.2TF is not enough to support real 4K game screen. In an interview with the game media EuroGamer interview, Albert Penello said, around the SONY PS4 Pro marketing, there are many things are not clear. Our developers in the development of Xbox host in order to achieve the real 4K, so choose the 6.1TF number, and these are the game developers have told us that the 4K game running the required performance requirements. We certainly hope that the future of Xbox One Scorpio can meet the requirements of developers." After SONY officially launched the PS4 Pro on this host can run 4K games is the argument, but compared to the 4K game, we are more concerned about the operation of estimated at 1080P resolution at 60 frames the game.相关的主题文章: