Microsoft has the ability to reshape the PC market it and small partners began to fight back (video)

future more graphic designers, architects, artists, animators and game designers will be put into the arms of Microsoft, this point of view, Microsoft is successful.

with the continuous improvement of tablet PC product performance and life time continues to expand, it seems that the traditional personal PC and notebook computers are getting lost in their own direction of development. Manufacturers are now being forced to reinvent their products, especially in the direction of computers and desktops to tablets. If the Future Tablet PC and then a substantial increase, then the traditional PC will have a market?

in recent years, PC shipments continued to decline, it seems that the entire market demand for this type of product is also declining. But for some special populations, the performance advantage of the desktop will still have some reasons to stay. Perhaps PC will no longer be achieved before the golden age of sales, but for fixed users, there will still be considerable market potential.

for Microsoft Windows computer, Apple has become a competitor can not be ignored. Many graphic designers, artists, animators and engineers are in need of large screen, high performance and stable desktop. From the beginning of 2006, apple iMac seems to gradually occupy the desk of these professional users, Windows desktop seems to be not the first choice.

and from last year, Microsoft and partners began to fight back. Since the Windows system has been labeled a mediocre, productivity of the label, but in recent years, the design of Windows product is more and more beautiful fashion, and there are some pretty impressive machine began to challenge apple.

Apple innovation

since Cook took over apple, it has been a lack of innovation, stagnation plagued. Although this is not the original intention of Cook, but at least for now, Apple’s market dominance is being weakened, and including the personal PC market, Apple has also begun to be anti Windows.

, such as Apple’s star class product MacBook Pro is the name of "update slow", and iMac is also so. Apple’s update is usually just a little bit lower thickness and improve the resolution. For now, Apple’s iOS system and the boundaries between the macOS system is relatively clear, and there is no plan to combine the two. Although ISO and macOS can work together, share a payment system, and integrate the same software platform, it is clear that the two systems are independent of each other.

and Apple’s latest MacBook Pro in this regard is a big step forward, especially the addition of Touch Bar MacBook Pro also has the characteristics of touch. By comparison;