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Mentor: Jeremy can become better defender this is sports Sohu   his career best period; Beijing on September 21st news, reporting from ESPN Nets coach Kenny – Atkinson said, he is ready to let Jeremy Lin play a more important role in the new season. Last season, Jeremy Lin played a sixth man in the Hornets, but he was more efficient than the starting lineup. This summer, Jeremy Lin to 3 years and $36 million to join the nets. "I expect Jeremy Lin to increase his leadership. Last season he was on the bench and did a great job, "Atkinson said." but now he’s got a different contract. Some similar football quarterback for Jeremy Lin, he needs from the global control team." A few days ago, the Hornets coach Steve – Clifford said in an interview, Jeremy Lin’s defense is a major weakness. In this regard, Atkinson said: "I love Clifford’s speech, I think the athleticism and competitiveness, can help Jeremy Lin to become a better defender. When you hear is not considered to be a good defender, I think he will feel a bit lost, so we need to encourage him." "It’s a huge challenge for Jeremy Lin," continued Atkinson. "I think he’s ready for the challenge." Linsanity, Atkinson Nicks is the assistant coach, so he can be called Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin joined the nets in the press conference, Atkinson said, the new season, Jeremy Lin will serve as the team’s starting point guard. The 28 year old Jeremy Lin last season, the Hornets played a total of the regular season for the game, including the first game of the game, the game was played for about 26.3 minutes, handed over the data of 11.7 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3 assists in 13. (Jim)相关的主题文章: