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"Meng Concubine" hot shot very lifelike effects superior aspect – Sohu "Meng Concubine" entertainment movie big Lich King other entertainment news by Sohu as a producer and popular Huadan bear Ziling starring Zhang Suzhe, Li Shiyu, gathered high Yan value strength actor Oriental Youth fantasy movie "Meng Ji" is the Hengdian TV concubine. The city of intense shooting. With the advance of the shooting, the actors wonderful performances, beautiful smooth lens language, pleasing picture design, martial arts and other exciting scenes of the unique realistic effects, making the film did not broadcast the first heat received much attention, is greatly to be spectators. The movie "remember" by Meng concubine 3D bear pictures, Datang brilliant media, DMG India Ji media, according to Wang letter of culture media, Inner Mongolia Federation of SMEs, Shenzhen is the best film and television media CO produced, CO produced the film culture of the media image of Beijing whale. The human will Meng, three Goulian, small shrimp, my pa day, Jiangsa Mero, the Lich King, old Meng, beauty, etc. the role of the elders staggered make the story more whirling, a new view of the world to build a strong plot, fantasy, action, comedy movies, in order to create a scene of fierce and a fantasy picture. "Meng Concubine" and other cool effects have great originality is the clothing, a point. It is reported that the "imperial concubine" has Meng VFX team involved in the preparatory period, martial arts, hanging wire etc. numerous scenes scenes, special effects scenes pressing atmosphere with cool, and strive to maximize the show unique, dynamic style fantasy film. In addition, "Meng Ji" and other imperial concubine costumes are nearly 50 professional teams, and special effects, clothing, stylist repeatedly struck the design and drawing of the manuscript, from design to production Cengcengbaguan, a role very tailored, can show the characteristics of the times and the character of temperament, for the actor to play the key role. While the children play big Lich King Star our modeling, after modeling, mold and other harsh reality accurate and time-consuming to complete makeup effects, always need to do special effects makeup in four or five hours, showing the effect of fine facial features vivid, true to life, amazing. Producer Xiong Ziling said, "Meng Ji" in the "imperial concubine effects, clothing, and road team with very close, continuous night, rainy night hard shot, let us work together, play, hanging wire scenes will inevitably bump, the actors to shoot very dedicated, would like to do their best to let the audience appreciate a conscience as." Visual effects scenes of conscience, strike a deep chord vivid lifelike shape, facial features, "Meng Concubine" will film audiences a very Oriental Fantasy color visual feast.相关的主题文章: