Marriage is not a soap opera, the sooner you wake up, the better you will be

Marriage is not a soap opera, the sooner the better the ability to pay attention to the number of public concern Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: love the maintenance station now Hong Kong dramas are updated every day, a boy fell in love with the normal civilian girl, the girl had a crush on school or influential man rich two generations, or other small princess fell in love with the boy. These are staged every day, but this is just the writer’s work, not the reality will happen. The girl was immersed in dreams of "beauty" and "Prince" this vocabulary, they do a little milk dream "and" dream princess "and eager to find the idol drama actor as the man to take a love. However, the dream is a dream after all, even the most beautiful dream, there will be a clear day, but when you awake, a lot of things may have been too late, you wait for the prince, in fact you have been a prince. You might think that the other is married to the prince, they can enjoy a happy life. In fact, you and the prince is what? Youth, time. When everything turns pale, I think, no one can escape the curse of time! On the emotional problems, has been very difficult, most girls often dream is and which star married, lived in the mansion, even heard which star married they want to jump out of the Yangtze River in the Yellow River, this is nothing more than self destruct, hiring practices by. You should learn to relax the mind, let oneself can calmly deal with your life, believe that life is the most realistic things, those misty fantasy, are all stumbling block yourself better. So, take them away from your life. Love one day, "love" came to the world, he was looking for a girl, he wanted to give her love, the first time he knocked the door girl. The girl opened the door and asked, "who are you?" Love said, "I am the love you have just arrived! I’m here to help you, my dear girl!" The girl thought for a moment! Thank you My love is waiting for me in the future! He’ll pick me up on a white horse!" Then, the girl closed the door, "love" turned away. Another day, "love" riding a white horse came to the girl’s house, still knocking at the door, said: "my dear girl, I rode a white horse, and come back with me!" The girl opened the door and saw a white horse, "love", one face disdain said: "my love will be wearing gorgeous clothes, take me to his palace! You are not my love!" And then shut the door, love will ride the horse back. One day, the "love" with attendants, dressed in gorgeous clothes came to the girl’s home, the girl’s house door rang again, "love" stood outside the door to the girl said: "girl, I am your love! Come with me to our palace!" The girl in the house said: "you have not brought a dowry! I want gold, I want to have all the people!" "Love" after listening to helpless, he had to return to heaven, he asked God, he is her love? God smiled and said, "you see!" Magic)相关的主题文章: