March release! Millet 6 exposure metal + surface screen Xiaolong 835 blessing

March release! Millet 6 exposure: metal + surface screen Xiaolong 835 blessing

yesterday, geeks Park Innovation Conference millet technology co-founder Li Wanqiang said, they will release a stunning products to the outside world in March this year, what is this?

before the exposure of the rhythm, the protagonist should be the millet mobile phone 6, while Li Wanqiang was still meeting stressed that the price of millet values, which seems to imply that the former price will hold 1999 yuan.

exposure message

now, users have sent the latest news of millet mobile phone 6, the body is made of metal material, continue to use ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, because the machines have not been fully assembled, so can not be released in February.


message also implied that the millet 6 camera will increase, as far as the model is not clear, it will use the SONY IMX378 is better than in the past, at the same time, the screen has two versions, one is direct screen, while the other is a curved screen. It is said that the price of 1999 yuan in the former, the supply is relatively tight (explosive), the latter price is $2499, the supply side will be more abundant.

in addition, the latest news shows, millet mobile phone 6 may be equipped with 1.9GHz frequency Xiaolong 835, direct screen version is equipped with 4GB of memory, and curved screen version is the 6GB memory, the battery capacity of at least 3000mAh, running Android 7 system, while the storage capacity of the optional 128GB and 256GB.

exposure parameters

clocked at 1.9GHz snapdragon 835 processor, but it is not clear that this is not the millet mobile phone 6.

do you expect?