Marbury strain is not very serious pro Beijing Derby comeback-jinshen

Marbury’s injury is not very serious. The pro Beijing Derby comeback Marbury Pro for the Beijing Derby next comeback sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 13th message, CBA League sixth round match tonight begins, the focus in a contest in the Beijing men’s basketball team went away to the old rivals Shanxi team, with Franklin playing well and the players at the end of the outbreak the Shanxi team, and ultimately to 125-114?? to win a single foreign aid for Beijing team, ending losing streak and ended Beijing’s four game winning streak. The game, Marbury did not play because of injury. This also makes the overall strength of the Beijing team has been greatly affected, especially in the fourth quarter, the lack of key figures to come forward, which they eventually lost the game. It is understood that Marbury was in the last game against Tianjin muscle strain. Although the injury is not very serious, but after the team’s comprehensive consideration, decided to let Marbury rest, so as not to aggravate the injury. After Marbury also said in an interview that his injury is not serious, the game back to the home court against Beikong the next game, Marbury will return. (Jia Lei)相关的主题文章: