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Spirituality From the great central fact of the universe in regard to which we have agreed? namely, this Spirit of Infinite Life that is behind all and from which all .es, we are led to inquire as to what is the great central fact in human life. From what has gone before, the question almost answers itself. The great central fact in human life, in your life and mine, is the .ing into a conscious, vital realization of our oneness with this Infinite Life, and the opening of ourselves fully to this divine inflow. This is the great central fact in human life, for in this all else is included, all else follows in its train. In just the degree that we .e into a conscious realization of our oneness with the Infinite Life, and open ourselves to this divine inflow, do we actualize in ourselves the qualities and powers of the Infinite Life. And what does this mean? It means simply this: that we are recognizing our true identity, that we are bringing our lives into harmony with the same great laws and forces, and so opening ourselves to the same great inspirations, as have all the prophets, seers, sages, and saviors in the world’s history, all men of truly great and mighty power. For in the degree that we .e into this realization and connect ourselves with this Infinite Source, do we make it possible for the higher powers to play, to work, to manifest through us. We keep closed to this divine inflow, to these higher forces and powers, through ignorance, as most of us do, and thus hinder or even prevent their manifesting through us. Or we can intentionally close ourselves to their operations and thus deprive ourselves of the powers to which, by the very nature of our being, we are rightful heirs. On the other hand, we can .e into so vital a realization of the oneness of our real selves with this Infinite Life, and can open ourselves so fully to the of this divine inflow, and so the operation of these higher forces, inspirations, and powers, that we can indeed and in truth be.e what we may well term, God-men. And what is a God-man? One in whom the powers of God are manifesting, though yet a man. No one can set limitations to a man of this type, for the only limitations he can have are those set by the self. Ignorance is the most potent factor in setting limitations to the majority of mankind, and so the great majority of people continue to live their little, dwarfed, and stunted lives simply by virtue of the fact that they do not realize the larger life to which they are heirs. They have never as yet .e into a knowledge of the real identity of their true selves. Mankind has not yet realized that the real self is one with the life of God. Through its ignorance it has never yet opened itself to the divine inflow, and so has never made itself a channel through which the infinite powers and forces can manifest. When we know ourselves merely as men, we live accordingly, and have the powers of men. When we .e into the realization of the fact that we are God-men, then again we live accordingly, and have the powers of God-men. In the degree that we open ourselves to this divine inflow are we changed from mere men into God-men. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: