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Morning man sent a drunken female colleague halfway home improvement heart to rape the original title: Send a female colleague from the drunken man jailed for rape center a few colleagues to eat together, drink until midnight. A female colleague who get drunk alone can not go home, at this time, a male colleague to start "huhuashizhe". However, in the way male colleagues from the color center, bring it to the hotel. Xiao Jun (a pseudonym) more than and 20 years old this year, is Huoqiu County, he and Xiaojuan (a pseudonym) is a colleague relationship. In the middle of April this year, Xiaojuan and two colleagues in a restaurant in Hefei to eat, during which, with one of his colleagues drank beer in the same period of time, in the meantime, in the middle of the year, in, one of them. In the course of the meal, small army also rushed to the scene. While drinking while chatting, until the next day at about 4 in the morning, leaving the hotel four. Xiaojuan and another colleague were in a state of intoxication. Another colleague at a real back without drinking colleagues sent Xiaojuan, a small army sent Xiaojuan back to the dormitory. It was a usual gathering of colleagues, but then something terrible happened. A small army in the way to send Xiaojuan back to the dormitory, see Xiaojuan in a drunken state, they played the evil. A small army helped Xiaojuan came to a hotel in Luyang District in the alley, check-in. Small army in the room, while Xiaojuan drunk did not know to resist, unable to resist the occasion, forced to have sex with Xiaojuan. In the morning, Xiaojuan woke up and found to be raped, although very angry but also very afraid, afraid of other people know this. Because she was afraid that she didn’t call the police. Xiaojuan family after the discovery that small army. A small army then jingfangxingju. During the trial of the case, the small army of relatives on behalf of the compensation for the economic loss of 50 thousand yuan Xiaojuan, made the understanding of Xiaojuan. Xiao Jun confessed to their crimes to. Recently, the small army was sentenced to imprisonment for rape in one year and nine months. Source: Zhong An Online – Anhui daily editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: