Man in the company for ten years was accused of inconsistent with the company’s values aizi

The man working in the company for ten years was accused of speech does not match the original title and company values: the accused does not match the laid-off employees said remain perplexed despite much thought the lawyer said free to terminate the contract illegal citizens Lo worked in a company for ten years with the company values, however, just a few days ago, he was inexplicably "fired", not only a penny of compensation, the dismissal reason was inconsistent with the company values. Now, Mr. Lu is upset and disappointed, so how to suffer through. In 2006, Mr. Lu in a Limited by Share Ltd in Shenzhen, 2009 transferred to a subsidiary company in Wuhan Liu Fang East Lake New Technology Development Zone road. Over the years, he has been responsible for the company’s administrative and property work. The end of last month, he suddenly received a notice to the company’s HR department, do a good job turnover for the company to persuade him. Just a few days ago, Mr. Lu went to the unit to work, but was directly rejected. Faced with such experiences, Mr. Lu is puzzled all at sea". He said, his performance has been qualified, ten years has never made any mistakes, this makes him very happy. Since then, he found the company personnel director, before leaving, the company had promised to give him 120 thousand yuan compensation, he also added $30 thousand in damages, second days formalities, the company with "group leaders do not agree on the grounds, refused to pay compensation, at the same time requirements immediately terminate the labor relationship. Reporters saw yesterday, Mr. Lu in the two years ago and the company signed a labor contract without a fixed term contract, it says, from October 31, 2014 onwards, to Party B (LO) to reach the state from the retirement age. Mr. Lu never thought this "meal ticket" to say no. Why was suddenly fired? The personnel in charge of the company, this is the research level of the company’s decision is based on the performance of some employees, including the rules of behavior is inconsistent with the values of the company, so the company has the right to dismiss, and notify their separation procedures. At the same time, he said, the so-called lifting of the labor contract negotiations, in accordance with the implementation of the company’s management system, there is no compensation. As for the violation of which values and norms of behavior, the personnel director always silent. In the labor contract termination notice provided by Mr. Lu, which said: "according to your performance, according to the relevant procedures, the company decided since November 14, 2016, the two sides signed the labor contract, the rights and obligations of both parties terminate. Payment of wages as of November 14, 2016, social insurance payments to the end of November 2016. Notice is hereby notified!" But the reasons for the dismissal is vague. According to the relevant provisions of the "labor contract law", the employer and the employee may terminate the labor contract, but shall pay economic compensation to the employee economic compensation of workers in the working years, every year according to one month’s wages paid to the employee compensation, but the employer illegal rescission or termination the labor contract, it shall pay the employee economic compensation standard of two times compensation. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the Hubei Xin’an lawyer.相关的主题文章: