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Low carbon economy, for the future selection (authoritative forum) – Hubei Channel – people.com.cn October 14, 2014, environmental activists held demonstrations in New York in the United States investment outside the bank, calls for banks to invest in renewable energy development. The Xinhua News Agency on August 26, 2016, the world’s largest tidal power station — Zhejiang Zhoushan united energy new energy LHD Lin tidal current generator set of power cable input by the national grid, the successful test grid. Xinhua News Agency issued a leading energy revolution to improve the investment environment, Zhao Yongqiang increase in resources and environment and climate change the pressure of economic growth and employment under the background of weak, green energy and green economy has become an important pillar of economic development in the future, G20 is also an important issue since the financial crisis. The G20 summit in Hangzhou, after, in 2030 the United Nations sustainable development agenda of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris by the "Paris agreement" held the first summit of the G20, but also China establish "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing the most high-level summit after the development concept, to actively promote renewable energy as the representative of the green green energy development and economic growth. According to the analysis of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), G20 accounted for 80% of the total installed capacity of renewable energy in the world. Although different countries and different stages of development, G20 members generally believe that renewable energy to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) in 2030 and the implementation of the Paris agreement has an important role. Many countries have developed the medium and long term renewable energy or electricity consumption target. G20 energy ministers meeting in June 29, 2016 to 30 held in Beijing, committed within the framework of the G20 and to promote a wider range of energy cooperation, energy to cope with environmental challenges, through the "G20 energy ministers meeting and the" Beijing Communique "G20 renewable energy voluntary action plan" and other documents, encourage members according to their own actual situation to promote the production of renewable energy and in the field of investment, renewable energy accounts for a substantial increase in the proportion of global energy structure, and further reveals the G20 action to lead and promote the global energy revolution determination. The comprehensive development of renewable energy, must improve the proportion of renewable energy in electric power, transportation and energy consumption in the construction sector, accelerate energy storage, electric vehicles and modern biomass energy, renewable energy heating in areas such as technology development and deployment, to promote the transformation of power system and energy system integration. This is an arduous task and challenge, G20 members should help developing countries within the framework of the G20 sharing, capacity building and knowledge in renewable energy technology research and development, innovation and other aspects of financing to carry out in-depth cooperation. The development of renewable energy needs to establish a good investment environment. IRENA research shows that to achieve the proportion of renewable energy by 2030 to double the need to increase the size of the global renewable energy investment to $1 trillion and 300 billion. U. N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also called on   at the investor climate risk summit in early 2016相关的主题文章: