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Love is the "body" in the gas field, you know how much? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: love repair station "women heart the needle", and in the women’s Association, do not just from the woman’s surface language to judge her, the woman is sometimes more reserved, although not willing to say, in fact, she was already ten million and ten thousand to. Love is a woman sometimes duplicity, in which case we cannot only verbal language to judge, but look beneath the surface, the woman’s "body" aura, analysis of women inner real idea. Sometimes it is best to use reverse thinking to understand, so as to understand the woman’s inner thoughts, and further development. The girl often with some very highfalutin reasons to refuse your invitation, especially some girls just love soon, sometimes it is very boring, there is plenty of time, but to tell you she is busy, no time to believe, if you really silly, this girl is really just wanted to impress you. Note. Another thing is the difference between girls and boys, boys and friends if they do not like to be harassed by the girls, because there is no time. The idea is that even if the girl did not have time, if the boy likes his own words, even if they are very busy will be about to come out, they will come out. So the boy must learn to understand the meaning behind the girl’s body language, tone, intonation and talking to girls, or a good romance will ever lose! When a person refuses to get a certain meaning from another person’s body language (for example, sometimes said although she does not want something, but you feel that she particularly wanted to buy her, after she would tread on air) and her body language, you exchange even appeared, she may not know. In our process with a woman in a woman’s body language will reflect naturally or half unconsciously her true thoughts. In today’s society, the majority of people will adopt a defensive body language to strangers, his body in a closed state. Stand there when the hands embrace chest, doing the hands, legs together, so you avoid the body naturally or half unconsciously. But with the deepening of exchanges, this tension will ease many women, this time the body will gradually open, arm down, his legs apart, your body tends to form a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. When her body starts to open for you, then her heart is open for you. In life, it is easy to observe some of the obvious signs of body language. The easiest way is to look at the body language when she’s talking to someone else. Pay attention to the body language of the two sides of the conversation, and you will not be able to control your body language and be able to read her body language. Sometimes you will see a boy and a girl talking about the boy off the reel since that girl will love. On the surface, it seems that they have a good relationship, but in fact, although the girl on the surface, in fact, in her body language basically did not give any positive indicators, for example相关的主题文章: