Look at the child’s fingers can be found early due to indigestion

children are the parents of the heart, the child’s life, parents will be very distressed. Many children have a fever, colds, diarrhea, and eating control led to a great relationship due to indigestion. Dyspeptic time, easy to heat, causing bloating, indigestion, sleep at night when the children toss about it, easy to cold caused by cold, have a fever. In addition, children often due to indigestion, stomach digestion and absorption function will become worse, which is easy to cause diarrhea.

of course, early detection of dyspepsia is very important, early finding, it can be targeted to take some methods to eliminate indigestion, it is not easy to get sick.


Have stomach swelling, anus red, red tongue, bad breath and other symptoms will appear indigestion when

. However, these symptoms are not very good judgment. In fact, there is a more simple way to early detection of dyspepsia, the observation index finger (close to the thumb side) skin color. If the index finger is purple, the emergence of indigestion. Then explain in detail, the index finger lateral wind off the gas, life off three points, Chinese medicine called "three diagnosis".


is located in the palm side wind off the front, on the thumb, forefinger first section, namely palm knuckleprint to second stripes between. In section second the lateral gas off the index finger, located in the third joint of the forefinger outside of life. If the wind off the purple, that is light to gas off due to indigestion, and life will become increasingly important.

if that child dyspepsia, parents can use forefinger and middle finger, ring finger three fingers together and put in the navel, every morning and evening clockwise rubbing 100 times, in addition, you can also give children pinched chiropractic. Of course, if there is diarrhea, colds, fever, it is best to go to the hospital in time.