Longhai city highway 208 a plant burst fire loss of tens of millions-zghd

Longhai 208 provincial road a factory fire sudden loss of ten million Southern Fujian network September 23rd hearing (Southern Fujian network reporter Wang Huimin) September 23rd afternoon, in Longhai Yan CuO town a workshop fire. The specific location in the direction of Longhai Yan Cuo, opposite in emerald group. 5 pm, the scene is full of smoke, the fire is still burning, fire scene. Because of the fire accident, the traffic jam was serious along the road. According to the scene witness, Mr. Wu introduced, from more than 2 in the afternoon burned to now (5:17), there are several warehouses fire. Mr. Zheng in the workshop to help the factory to do stainless door. According to him, the fire in the 4 warehouses with plastic, refrigerator, glass, furniture and other items, no casualties were found at the scene. An aunt told the southern Fujian network reporter, her family was smoked to the hands, feet, a little skin trauma, but there is no big obstacle. Southern reporter learned that the fire in the warehouse is third Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group products. Mr. Huang, the responsible person of the warehouse, said that someone else’s company burned to his warehouse. Warehouse has two layers, each layer of about 1000 square meters, which are all plastic pipe fittings, the value of nearly 10 million yuan, the loss of tens of millions of yuan. At present, the cause of the accident is not clear. Related news: Zhang news reports, today about 15 in the afternoon, some friends broke the news, Longhai City, Fujian highway 208 Emerald Group opposite a plant burst fire. Smoke billowing from the scene, half an hour later, the plant fire is still fierce. It is understood that the fire officers and soldiers are on-site rescue. A large number of smoke dispersed, the fire caused traffic congestion at the scene, after the section of the public please try to bypass. At present, the incident is still under investigation in the relevant news: Zhangzhou Tong reported, 3 p.m. Xu, nine across the Longjiang, Longhai Yan house, smoke billowing, the fire engine roared past, the occurrence of shrimp? The emergency teams rushed to the scene, send first-hand reports. The fire is the Longhai yancuo provincial highway 208 Emerald Group near the warehouse. At 3:30 pm, the reporter saw at the scene, the fire warehouse out of thick black smoke rushed straight sky, at the downtown riverside road across the visible. Traffic police at the scene to clear traffic order, the scene of the road slightly congestion. The fire department dispatched more than 10 fire engines to extinguish the fire in various directions. According to the workers working nearby, there are a large number of electrical appliances including refrigerators and air conditioners in the fire warehouses. After the fire, the fire spread rapidly out of control. And the fire depot is next to the lumber mill. In the 208 provincial road storefront, a motorcycle shop more than a dozen employees, for fear of the spread of the fire, the store motorcycle transfer. According to the scene rescue personnel, there is no report of casualties. (Hoi reporter Liang Zhengdai Jiang Haiwen map)

龙海市208省道一厂房突发大火 损失上千万   闽南网9月23日讯(闽南网记者 王惠敏)9月23日下午,在龙海颜厝镇一厂房失火。具体地点在颜厝往龙海方向,在绿宝集团对面。   下午5点左右,现场仍浓烟滚滚,充满焦味,消防还在现场灭火。因为失火事故,沿路堵车严重。   据现场目击者,吴先生介绍,从下午2点多烧到现在(5点17分),里面有几间仓库着火。   郑先生在该厂房里帮工厂做不锈门。据他介绍,着火的4间仓库里有塑料、冰箱、玻璃、家具等物品,现场无发现人员伤亡情况。   一位阿姨告诉闽南网记者,她的家人被烟熏到,手上、脚上,有点皮外伤,但并无大碍。   闽南网记者了解到,着火的第3间仓库里是台湾台塑集团的产品。该仓库的相关负责人黄先生介绍,别人的公司着火烧到他的仓库。仓库有两层,每层约1000平方米,里面全是塑料管配件,价值将近1千万元,此次损失上千万元。   目前,事故原因还不清楚。   相关新闻:   漳视新闻报道,今天下午15点左右,有网友爆料,龙海市208省道福建绿宝集团对面的一家厂房突发大火。现场浓烟滚滚,半个小时过去,该厂房火势仍然猛烈。据了解,消防官兵正在现场救援。 大量浓烟飘散,大火造成现场交通堵塞,经过该路段的市民请尽量绕行。   目前,事件还在进一步调查当中   相关新闻:   漳州通报道,下午3时许,九龙江对岸,龙海颜厝,浓烟滚滚,消防车呼啸而过,发生虾米了?海都突发小分队第一时间赶到现场,发回第一手报道。 起火的是龙海颜厝省道208线绿宝集团旁一仓库。   下午3点30分许,海都记者在现场看到,失火仓库冒出的浓烈黑烟直蹿云霄,在市区的江滨路隔岸可见。   交警部门在现场疏通交通秩序,现场道路发生轻微拥堵。消防部门出动10余部消防车多方位灭火。   据在附近工作的工人介绍,失火的仓库中有包括冰箱、空调在内的大量电器。失火后,火势迅速蔓延失控。并且,失火仓库紧挨着木材厂。   在208省道沿街店面,一摩托车店的十几名员工,生怕大火蔓延,将店内摩托车转移。 据现场救援人员介绍,目前暂无收到人员伤亡报告。   (海都记者 梁政 戴江海 文 图)相关的主题文章: