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Live fire? The short video is fire, now. Time – Sohu technology today, "Gif Google" dynamic graph search engine Giphy announced $72 million financing, valuation of $600 million, the unicorn lined the Internet industry this valuation is not high, but this made me notice, perhaps we should be looking away from the hot live, pay attention to other forms of multimedia, such as dynamic map, voice, video and short. China’s short video leader, second shot today released the October original short video UGC list, this list is called the short video industry weathervane, from which you can see the short video industry hot. Why is this list of reference value? Webmasters need Alexa rankings, developers need to AppStore punch list, the content of entrepreneurship in full swing today, the content of entrepreneurs also need to list to prove themselves, the dominance of their ability. From the micro signal to the top of the number to the penguin and then to the female anchor as well as short video, the third party list really a lot, and they claim that they are the most neutral most authoritative and accurate. However, most of the list are funny: either the statistical data and the actual deviation is huge, or simply manual intervention for some of the "list or disappear, the list will have a homemade" ranking system ", but only God knows what they are ranked according to the number of basis, how come. Since last year’s rage bucket challenge since the second shot to become the largest PGC short video platform. Zhang Yiming announced in today’s headlines 1 billion short video input, the data is given a short video playback with 1 billion times a day, while iResearch reported in September is the second video uploaded daily volume of 1 million 500 thousand, the average daily amount of play up to 1 billion 700 million times. The distribution system based on micro-blog, with the synergistic effect of one of its live and small coffee show, the second shot short video still prevail, the release of the authoritative list. The second shot short video UGC list from the beginning of June, make their own list, data sources and the accuracy is reliable, and ranked only see a play, no other interference factors and subjective operation, more convincing. And, covering the short video number number, the data from the statistical sample value. The main list of short video staged Matthew HENGQIANG compared to the September list, in October before the top three there is a change: Papi sauce failed, and a two more were ranked first and third, second were veteran short video star, runaway comics under the banner of the king won the fuck. Papi sauce that failed team production is still the best production mode. Two more video playback on the top of the list of 239 million, compared with September, a slight decline in the 307 million, perhaps with the National Day holiday related. TOP50 original list, in addition to the familiar faces, as well as new fashion "game player Junping devil" and "Wang Zitao said the dialect dialect", but mostly the elderly, it also shows that Matthew short video may form a strong Heng Qiang, the top creators greater chance to enter the new game player deus ex T相关的主题文章: