Liuzhou two drivers road rage attack rear ofrepairing wrestling match

Liuzhou two drivers "road rage attack rear ofrepairing wrestling match

van driver full responsibility

police mediation on the matter, Xiong insisted that he has no responsibility, Luo technology bad rear end hit his car. Site traffic police immediately contact the monitoring center, watch the Skynet video. In the process of waiting, Xiong went to the roadside, casually smoke.

soon, the video is coming. Through video playback, the police saw the blue car at the traffic lights at the crossroads to the right. Subsequently, the van in the car for the two time in the blue car. Two car about 400 meters after the bridge, it is because the car brakes don’t malicious van caused rear end accident, accordingly, the traffic police found responsible van.

learned that this result, Xiong was very surprised, the attitude of a 180 degree change. He said to admit Luo words, said he will pay for repairs, but want him not to go to the 4S shop maintenance fees are high. Traffic police issued a summary procedure for the identification of traffic accidents, Xiong refused to sign the book.

so, the traffic police to adjust the trailer to drag the two car accident, the first by the police to deal with both sides of the 110 things. After mediation, Xiong Luo compensation 100 yuan, and to apologize to Luo an. Luomou accept compensation and apology, no longer bear the responsibility of beating a bear. Subsequently, the two went to the traffic police department to continue to deal with traffic accidents.

7 o’clock that night, after a preliminary survey, blue car maintenance fee is about 10 thousand yuan. Bear a bear full responsibility for the accident, all the maintenance costs borne by him. To fix the car finish this post, a bear from the traffic police department to reclaim their van. In the face of this result, bear regret.