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Liu Yunshan research in Zhejiang – Sohu news of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee of CPC Central Committee Liu Yunshan in November 16th to 18 in Zhejiang research stressed the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee opened a comprehensive strictly new journey, to study and implement the spirit of the plenary session as an important political task of the current and future periods, close to reality, highlighting the problem oriented to promote the spirit of the plenary session, to the grassroots, implement. In 54 villages in Deqing County Town, Hangzhou city and the geographic information Tong Wu Cun, Jing Tan community and Wang Ma community, Liu Yunshan detailed understanding of learning and implement the spirit of the plenary session of Party building work, communicate with the cadres and the masses. Liu Yunshan said that party members and cadres to learn the spirit of the original original plenary meeting, closely linked to their own thinking and practical work, the real spirit of the plenary session to learn, understand thoroughly. To deeply understand the significance of the plenary session of the general secretary Xi Jinping clearly the core status, and further enhance the core consciousness, the core requirements of the maintenance of internalization in the heart, outside of the line. Implement the spirit of the plenary session to rush to the problem, identify the outstanding problems of Party members and cadres, identify the work of the masses to contact the short board, the issue of production and life of the masses to solve a specific problem. Alibaba in Hangzhou Xixi Park, overlooking the town, town and dream fund, Zhijiang Culture Creative Industry Park, Liu Yunshan seriously understand the development of emerging industries, inquiry and management of Party member education play role, put emphasis on grass-roots party building and promote the reform and development organically, and vigorously promote the innovation method of grassroots party building concept, platform and the way, summarize the experience and practice of basic good, constantly improve the effectiveness of the party construction. During the investigation, Liu Yunshan chaired a forum to listen to study and implement the six plenary session of the spirit, strengthen the construction of the party’s opinions and suggestions, emphasized the need to study and implement the spirit of the plenary session as an important content of "two a" study and education, the control requirements on the "two session of a" review work on the topic of organizational life be good at the end of the year, to promote long-term normalization of learning education. According to the comprehensive and strict requirements, the managing party all-round, full coverage, the whole process strictly up. Pay more attention to the key minority, leading cadres take the lead in compliance with the "criterion", "Regulations" to take the lead, fulfill the main responsibility for managing party members, leading to better create a positive political environment delicate gas.相关的主题文章: