Liu Qiangdong’s ambition and grace


is just the beginning of spring, the winter chill has not faded, Liu Qiangdong could not help but to sow a seed.

held yesterday at the annual meeting of the Jingdong group, Liu Qiangdong Jingdong to develop a number of small goals, for example, before 2021, Jingdong to become China’s largest B2C platform.

Liu Qiangdong

is a multimedia interpretation of this goal to declare war on ali. It should be noted here, said Liu Qiangdong is the first large B2C platform, so from the business standard, the Jingdong is owned by Ali rival Tmall mall.

Liu Qiangdong himself mentioned that these years, the gap between Jingdong and the industry’s first small. From the first 60 times the gap is now less than Liu Qiangdong said to the times of 2, however, to become the first super anti, may not be so simple.

when first, not so easy

according to the results of last year, Ali and Jingdong released: 2016 fiscal year, Ali group’s annual GMV of $30920 billion, of which Tmall mall GMV was $12150 billion, while Jingdong group’s annual GMV was 462 billion 700 million.

at that time, some analysts predict that in 2016, Jingdong and Tmall’s GMV growth will be 44% and 36%.

can be described in accordance with Liu Qiangdong yesterday, in 2016 the Jingdong’s GMV has more than 900 billion, which means that Jingdong GMV growth of up to 94% last year.

Jingdong in 2021 to become the first big B2C platform is the premise that Jingdong can grow in accordance with the current growth rate, but the growth rate of nearly 100% can last for five years?

over the past two years, with the disappearance of the demographic dividend of the Internet, the overall growth of the electricity supplier industry is slowing. Regardless of the size of the platform, adjust the strategy, will focus from users to get incremental deep stock users.

from the user’s point of view, Jingdong is not dominant, not to mention Tmall is not stagnant, last year, Tmall 11 double the day’s turnover of 120 billion 700 million is sufficient to illustrate some of the problems. In addition to competitors will give Jingdong the opportunity to overtake, the online shopping market can support the rapid growth of Jingdong, also need to hit a question mark.

Jingdong want to profit

Liu Qiangdong at the annual meeting also said another goal. The next five years, Jingdong’s cash flow can be more than $100 billion, and Jingdong in the next 12 years, net profit to enter the top 500 of the world’s top ten.

for Jingdong, this goal is still far away. According to Jingdong’s earnings report released last year, in 2015, Jingdong net loss of 9 billion 400 million. The perennial losses, so that Jingdong has been criticized, some people say that the Jingdong’s business model, also some people said that Liu Qiang East has been fooled investors.