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Little Nancy: the Lakers new season speed ball I have also tried to stop [] dunk fully equipped for me? Small fast break dunk nance to 2+1 sports Tencent September 27th hearing of the new season the Lakers will usher in a new coach Luke Walton and he brought new tactics. In just the end of the media day, the Lakers forward Larry nance expressed himself to cater to this change efforts. The NBA statement nance the Lakers new season playing the ball in the post fade, is very popular in today’s NBA ball tactics, including Mike de Anthony and Steve Cole are especially good at. Luke – Walton has been in the vicinity of the assistant coach of the coach – Cole, last season, has also served as a temporary coach of the warriors, the ball is also very familiar with the tactics. First of all, it is certain that the Lakers will speed up, and the players to open space to create more offensive opportunities. Small Larry nance and Juliet Thomas Randall will be more at the high post. The Lakers media day, Larry nance revealed to reporters in the offseason how he is around the new tactical training, he not only to strengthen the defense exercises but also practiced three point shooting. As the second grade students of the small Larry nance in the summer league wrist injury, but now 100 per cent into training camp. He said his shooting range is now wider and will prove to be true in the new season. Small Larry nance defense is one of the priorities in this summer’s main training. He expressed the hope to Ci Shiping and Luol Deng on the two alliance active defense experts to consult to learn defensive skills. Small Nantes height 6 feet 9 (2 m 06), weighing 235 pounds (107 kg), in the 2015 NBA draft by the Lakers with the twenty-seventh overall pick in the first round. In his rookie season, small Nantes averaged 5.5 points, 5 rebounds and 0.9 steals. (Akonplus) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: