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Life is too monotonous after retirement try to do these 7 things – Sohu health just leave the job this time, the elderly need a psychological adjustment period. What is the most important thing for the elderly during this period? The University of Wisconsin expert Kenneth · should remain optimistic about Dr. Robbins suggested after retirement, various activities should be to the health center. The United States "health" magazine’s latest paper, published after the retirement of the 7 most suitable for the elderly health activities: 1 to develop a practical fitness program. First of all, it is necessary to work out a set of feasible fitness plan. For example, walk 3 miles a day (about 4.8 km), the use of fitness equipment, such as exercise. 2 minus the appropriate weight. Work, often because of busy work and difficult to implement a healthy eating plan. Irregular eating causes many people to weigh far more than health before retirement. After retirement, with family and friends to implement a group diet diet plan. Lose weight, eliminate beer belly, swimming laps, thereby reducing the risk of a variety of diseases, to maintain good health. 3 to keep the home environment. There may not be enough time to sweep before retirement. Now, you can immediately check every corner of the home, health, home improvement are carried out a thorough examination, clear lead to allergies, irritation and even asthma toxic chemicals. Cleaning kitchen fume hood, regular replacement shower curtain, often clean sheets. If necessary, can also have been dissatisfied with the furniture home improvement adjustment. 4 cook more healthy and tasty food. After retirement, I have more time and energy to study scientific diet, how to eat well and eat healthily. You can study new recipes, try new ways to eat, so that more comprehensive nutrition. 5 maintain close relationships with partners and children. After retirement, it is best to have more exchanges with his wife and children in order to maintain close relationships. And his wife can participate in some social activities, go out for a walk or long-distance travel, so that the couple more harmonious feelings. Usually can give the children to cook, do something within their power, for the children to reduce the burden of life. To accompany the children, children around the knee, enjoyable retirement happiness doubled. 6 physical permission to continue to do a little work. Continue to work after retirement, good health and longevity. The study found that after retirement to do some short-term or temporary work can slow down the mental illness of retirement, so that the elderly body function of normal operation, a significant reduction in disease. More than and 7 make friends, chat more. Keeping in touch with family and friends often helps prevent memory decline, a study has found. After retirement, you can have a social network, chat with friends and family. You can make new friends on the social network. (source: Zhejiang online health network)相关的主题文章: