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Li Wuwei: the integration of production and education   Applied Talents — Hubei Channel – Wuhan in October 23, on the morning of 22, the eleven CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman, "China father of creative industry", Wuhan Institute of Commerce, honorary president Li Wuwei came to Wuhan business school, held for the school hall opening ceremony achievement school, and how to cultivate the applied talents put forward opinions. Li Wuwei and his party visited the school achievement exhibition. The exhibition has shown the achievements and future development plans of the school since the founding of the school in exploring practical talents training. As the transition of Hubei province development pilot universities, strengthen the school connotation development, deepen the integration of production and education, professional development and docking industry needs, teaching contents and requirements of enterprises docking, teaching process and work process enterprise docking, scientific research, the actual demand of technological innovation and enterprise docking, has made certain achievements in cultivating high quality applied talents. It is understood that the school since the school for social transmission of 36 thousand application of qualified personnel, the emergence of "national model of national unity and progress, the country’s most beautiful rural teachers, the national employment advanced individual" Deng Li, "Hubei hundred young entrepreneurs and all kinds of advanced typical example of Zhu Zhongqi". Li Wuwei has given full affirmation to the mode of training applied talents in schools. He believed that the school to strengthen the integration of production and education to improve the new mechanism of education, through the transformation of development to deepen the cultivation of applied talents, the focal point of scientific research personnel training goal, stop the excitement and social service in the local economic and social development, has come out a characteristic development road. (Jing Liu Jiaojiao (blue): Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 厉无畏:产教融合 培养应用型人才–湖北频道–人民网 人民网武汉10月23日电 22日上午,十一届全国政协副主席、“中国创意产业之父”、武汉工商学院荣誉校长厉无畏来到武汉工商学院,为该校举行的办学成果馆开馆仪式剪彩,并就学校如何培养应用型人才提出了意见。 厉无畏一行参观了学校办学成果展。展览展出了学校自建校以来在探索应用型人才培养道路上取得的成果和未来的发展规划等。作为湖北省转型发展试点高校,该校强化内涵发展,深化产教融合,将专业发展与行业产业需求对接,教学内容与企业岗位要求对接,教学过程与企业工作过程对接,科学研究、技术创新与企业实际需求对接,在培养高素质应用型人才方面取得了一定的成果。 据了解,该校自建校以来,为社会输送了3.6万名应用型合格人才,涌现出“全国民族团结进步模范个人、全国最美乡村教师、全国就业创业先进个人”邓丽,“湖北百名青年创业榜样”朱钟琦等各类先进典型。 对于学校应用型人才培养的模式,厉无畏给予充分肯定。他认为学校加强产教融合完善育人新机制,通过转型发展深化应用型人才培养,将人才培养的落脚点、科学研究的兴奋点、社会服务的聚焦点定格在地方经济社会发展上,走出了一条具有自身特色的发展道路。(蓝静 刘姣姣) (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: