Li Sheng on Gold crude oil 43 before the gold price of 1312 is not broken! mentalist

Li Sheng on Gold: crude oil 43 before the gold price of 1312 is not broken! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! On Monday, the price of gold since the opening after opening a rally near the rising and dropping 1309, the lure is not in the past is not the same, but left a correction in the market, hit the highest point of 1318 points, this position is very close to 1320, is the 5 major weekly pressure points in 1318, and not too much stimulus news, eventually go down concussion. The disc plate after the rise, continue to walk down the disc, the rate of decline was deep, early arrangements more than 131213 only to 1318 highs, and the expected 1320 only 2 dollars, eventually after the fall in the United States plate near 1316 select exit. The main reason is the decline in Europe broke the 1314 position, even if only to 1312, which had lost power and rushed up, and 21:30 has not broken 1318, basically is to maintain the shock, that was the end of Monday’s game. Decline to defend, stand on the 1320 have a turnaround in fact, any wave of rising or falling prices, there will be a number of reverse the transaction, the reverse is a human response, or instinct, the decline appears to support, it is customary to copy the bottom, or in the heart dream appears after the big line of excitement, after repeated self suggestion, the basic level is very easy to destroy the objective judgment, eventually become a successful case of failure. At present, the price since 1352 time high of 1349, and 1328 of the pressure line forming resistance, but also in the range of near 131718, this line will become the key of the pressure test today, whether it is operating in the market up or down, or to understand certain defensive point which. As the single kind of Monday night, 1314 Powei points, starting point level follow us, disk break high probability of at least a 50 percent off, coupled with the signs of an hour late not rush, it will have little to earn cash. One of the most afraid of the operation is at any time in the 1318 to make a profit of $5, I do not, why in the $3, when the miracle, looking forward to the day, in exchange for the occasional lucky, under normal circumstances. 1003, long short battle points this time, the market continued to decline time, is expected to raise interest rates continue to rise, leading to the market in the hawk dove factions view, meaning Yellen will raise interest rates, the premise is to look at the performance of economic data, it is possible only when conditions permit the 1300 position, regardless of whether to raise interest rates, will become the key position of the last quarter of this year the market challenges. Mainly, because of the fall of 1300, means the beginning of the Dallas City collapsed completely, this time from 1375 to three has fallen, the rebound to form a high price in the downward spiral to run, and on 13相关的主题文章: