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Li Bai buy wine poem is a 92 year old math teacher for this book – Beijing, three hundred and sixty-one cylinder Ren Jun made a few ship to ship a ship not only a little less of a cylinder of wine is the poetry of Li Bai poetic source of big hair, with "future generations will be the math poem Li Bai drink" to describe Li Bai drinking poetry of heroism, poem reads: Li Bai walking down the street to the pot to buy wine, in store doubled, see the flowers to drink a bucket, three in store and flowers, drink wine pot, pot of wine is Central Plains several bucket? Do you count this question? 92 year old math teacher Teng Yaoyun old man, has been used to calculate the inverted method, the answer is calculated in the 78 (7/8) bucket. Math is really boring? In order to refute this formulation, Teng Yaoyun began writing at the age of more than and 80, spent more than 5 years, more than and 40 words of "beauty of mathematics and mathematics thinking method" was finally time for the teacher’s day published this year. Want to let more people love mathematics, her more than and 80 year old book in 1949 graduated from the Department of mathematics of the National Women’s Teachers College Teng Yaoyun, taught Math for 36 years, but found that many people are afraid of difficulties in mathematics. Teng Yaoyun’s son, Professor of public administration, Chongqing University, told the Chongqing Morning Post reporter: "mom told us that many people find it difficult, in fact, mathematics is beautiful. My mother wrote the book, mainly want mathematics learning and teaching are no longer boring, to help students in Mathematics in the United States, cultivate interest in learning experience in the United States, in the interest of learning mathematics, the headache of mathematics into pleasing mathematics." Teng Yaoyun’s "beauty of mathematics and mathematical thinking method" is such a people no longer feel the "terrible" book. In order to make mathematics more attractive, Teng Yaoyun also let his wife also joined. Zhao Yousheng said: "my father is Zhao Jiayi old teacher of the Southwestern University, in the book" Mathematics and poetry ", a song of my father" as "a poem." Golden point so interesting in Teng Yaoyun ‘view, mathematics can explain a lot of problems in the real world, such as golden point (0.618) and magnetic field, on the stage of human body structure, architectural Monument and military are closely related. In "the beauty of mathematics and mathematics thinking method", the old man Teng Yaoyun wrote: in the period of Anti Japanese War, some of the troupe in the Jiangjin show, there will be some lectures, I was most interested in the magnetic field on the stage, the announcer announcer must be in the magnetic field, the wonderful performance must also be carried out in the magnetic field, attracting in order to maximize the audience, and in the teacher’s explanation, the magnetic field is the mathematics of the golden point 0.618." Another example is in the military in 0.618, this value is also very useful, "just made the rifle, gun body and gun length ratio is not reasonable, it is not convenient to aim, in 1918, American Expeditionary Army as a corporal Alvin has carried on the transformation to this rifle, rifle gun type, after the transformation of the gun the proportion of exactly 0.618." The answer to the original question in traditional poetry is the mathematical answer, Professor Zhao Yousheng said相关的主题文章: