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"Legally Blonde" to shoot third? Witherspoon: considering the Legally Blonde "is expected to shoot third times Mtime network reported in August 28th 2001" Legally Blonde "is the hearts of many campus love classic, actress Elle Woods as the character for the year and adorable sweetheart Reese Witherspoon ring powder numerous ·. The film also in two years after the launch of the sequel "Legally Blonde 2". This year from the series has been more than ten years, recently, Witherspoon as live in the Facebook revealed the classic romantic comedy is expected to shoot third. "Shooting" Legally Blonde "is very interesting, there are many people asked me if I would do the third, we are also considering this thing." Witherspoon apparently intends to fame as a continuation of the year. In fact, last year, Reese had revealed to the media has a number of third ideas. In 2001 the "Legally Blonde" at a cost of $18 million in global cut $140 million of the total box office, two years after the "Legally Blonde 2" final box office exceeded 120 million. In 2007, the film was also adapted into a musical on broadway. In addition, users mentioned in 2002 Weathspoon and Josh · whether the romance "Lucas led the Alabama" will be a sequel, Weathspoon said that currently does not have the plan, but if Disney wanted a sequel, she was very happy to play.相关的主题文章: