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Kyoto Costume Festival comb parade, Japan Times hair – Sohu tourism in Ancient Kyoto, to sacrifice in the name of the Festival almost every day, and the names are different, ritual objects are not the same, some of which looks fantastic, such as the fourth Monday of September every year held "comb comb day" – offering (on this this feeling of MA). Photo by Hopkinsii via Flickr comb Festival, suggests that it is essential to women’s dressing tools comb the tribute memorial. The festival began in Showa 36 years (1961), sponsored by the Kyoto Beauty Culture Association, place in the Anjoy gold Biro palace. Photo by wongwt via Flickr in Japanese mythology, big God is guarding and three rounds of the mount of God, "" refers to the spirit, so its name meaning "elf princes you". It is said that one day he turned into Dan Dan arrow, came to the three islands of the daughter of the eve of the eve of the eve of the night more than the light of the body, in the toilet stabbed her lower body. The lady was very surprised and put the arrow on the side of the bed. Then he turned into a handsome man, married and gave birth to miss, Emperor jimmu’s concubine. Another legend, he only appeared in the evening to a snake in front of love, the day is installed in the box behind the comb. In the legend of the enlightenment, people on 1961 at the Anjoy golden comb offering Biro palace built graves, and worship of the God comb. Photo by robizumi via Flickr highlights the festival activities on the day, is a comb hair stylist to make Japan the different period of women, spectacular scenes. The ceremony process is generally from 12 noon start, first in the comb before the tomb worship "comb God", followed by black dance performances and main age hair, comb hair is finally different era model, at 1 o’clock in the afternoon began along the established route around the shrine, dressed in a kimono and identification parade parade, which is in the era of clothing and hairstyles. Similar models every hair, but also often create new styles of design. If you want to understand the evolution of Japanese women’s hair style, come to this event! Photo by wolf-ka via Flickr photo by wolf-ka via Flickr address: Kyoto Kyoto, Songyuan Dongshan District East Road in lower – day 70 website: http: en, photo by Hopkinsii via Flickr the tour travel travel travel spectrum spectral editing author copyright相关的主题文章: