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Kunlun by night 6 cage fighting broke out singer helps to build the new trend – Sports Sohu   October 21st, Kunlun will "cage night 6" in Zhejiang province Yiwu City Meihu Sports Center grand war, in addition to the famous MMA player Chinese Wang Sai and Sanda czar Muris Mu and other star players outside. This event also invited six Chinese the top Sanda king with three well-known star back at the scene, heavyweight guests + gorgeous scene cabaret + hot MMA war, Kunlun is "the new trend of cage fighting night 6" will undoubtedly lead to fight + entertainment. Kunlun never turned out since 2014 since, after more than two years has been the development of the world’s top events, has been widely recognized at home and abroad. Liu Hailong, Zhao Zilong, Xue Fengqiang, Teng Jun, Qiao Xiaojun, Zheng Yuhao and Ann tiger six top Sanda king in Kunlun is "cage night 6" also shows that older people are highly recognized Chinese fighting games. In the Chinese occupation fight has not fully developed, they are from the top of the backbone of the Chinese fight. The development of Kunlun today will let the world fight center moved to China, there are more and more young players have emerged, they believe in the match, the players will be more China fight, win the honor. In addition, exciting events will also attract famous singer Hou Xu, Zhang Yu and the "Avenue of stars Championship double little witch Xiao Wenli three artists coming, they will love the scene at the scene, let everyone feel sincere to the meat of the fighting tournament at the same time, but also enjoy the wonderful performances. Through fashion, international, fashion and other factors to enrich the content of sports events, which is Kunlun, "cage bucket night," a new attempt.   Hou Xu is Chinese famous singer and musician, his debut twenty years, published hundreds of classic songs works, participated in large-scale performances of the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department, Chinese, CCTV, the country China Federation of provincial TV stations, known as the "Iron Man" reputation China. At the same time, he also worked for hundreds of TV drama theme song, including: "flowers", L. "my ugly mother", "legend" and other soul?. The main works of the album music mugs, by the by, do not cry, the rescue by the flag fluttering by 100 songs etc.. He has also repeatedly boarded the CCTV variety show and Liaoning satellite TV Gala stage, for everyone to bring a wonderful show.   Avenue champion Zhang Yu with its unique voice in 2006 the singer PUB win the war national finals runner up, won the championship in the 2008 annual Avenue finals. The high pitched voice can often completely release the song of the soul, the representative of the "fallen", "love", "you", "dream to the sky", and sang the TV drama "mother" the maiden 2 credits. As the strength from the draft stage to come out of the singer, Zhang Yu is also focusing on multi habitat development, and keen on public welfare undertakings.   Xiao Wenli, born in 1996, said 90 "hook girl", the French national culture and Art Association, association!相关的主题文章: