Kuang’s point the Fed rate hike will certainly be more bold gold 1310 coscoqd

Kuang’s point: the Fed rate hike will have 1310 gold Sina bold fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The two central bank to hit us, yesterday fell to the king, this is the trouble that our simple analysis, the Fed interest rate should be not halt the troops and wait all analysts optimistic about the data, if unexpected, that this week will be the last week of the gold and silver pupil contest, after the end of the dust settles out will end. Oil prices rose by more than $1 yesterday, thanks to a conflict in Libya and a close agreement between Venezuela’s OPEC and non OPEC producers. Plus the contract change, ushered in the rose is a sharp dive, how to do in the morning to move down to in situ, and today we continue to look at the layout below: according to the current form of decomposition, the United States is relatively strong technical disk, to appear at a draught under the sun can not cover. However, if the interest rate can not be achieved, it is still relatively late to break 96 worrying. Is to emphasize the interest rate decision, which day is released from the data we find out the answer, Japan on Wednesday began to interest rates, but the real fed or strokes unchanged on Thursday morning released 2; 00, so before we have time to win other profit, against the powerful storm hike. Daily profit a little bit key when you can come in handy, Tuesday disk interpretation: attached gold weekly trend graphic: Gold: yesterday morning by the global economic recovery, gold also appeared slightly long on the probe, and we hold yesterday last vent 1318, today’s idea to convert, fell sideways in K-line theory, more likely to continue to fall, but the 1300 has been the strong support, plus big data is coming, so the long and short life and death battle left to decide after the rate decision. I believe in the early stage, will encounter a big market trend dish, 30 minutes and hours, have a tendency to want the white plate upside, pressure 1315 line, low altitude multi band combined with the operation of the above layout, this is the idea of the conversion. The 1352 has been thinking for venting data before the band approach, considering the near 1310. Silver Rose in early trading: the price of silver yesterday led the trend, the 18.7 line direct rebound, leave no room upside, the top 19.3 is coming, this action allows us to once again change the way of leading gold band operation, deviating from the K-line upside after a key 19.5, operating above, find 19.2 empty pre shipment. One, the opportunity to layout. Crude oil; crude oil contract in 11 after yesterday, the trend is not very strong, the past will usher in a rose for some, but recently, last night only to a data driven long counterattack, 44.7 hit, then slipped. In accordance with the contract 11 look, below the support of yesterday’s low, near the 43, 2. In addition to high prices for some time, not what other big discrepancy, operation of the above altitude ideas do not change, no matter相关的主题文章: