Knock on the blackboard! Breastfeeding mothers, these things do not eat temporarily

lactation mother although a person is eating, but the baby is absorbed by the mother’s milk nutrition, so that if there is not conducive to good health through the milk can also be passed to the baby. Therefore, breast-feeding mothers need to eat more than normal women taboo. So, what food can not eat?


1. inhibits the secretion of milk

adequate milk is to ensure that the baby can eat a good long body premise. Lack of milk can cause the baby to cry more than hunger, and even lead to weight gain. Therefore, lactating mothers should stay away from these drugs, such as vitamin B6, progynova, bromocriptine etc..

2. easy to cause allergic food

fish, shrimp and other foods contain high quality protein, can increase the nutrition of the mother, but these foods are easy to cause allergies, especially those who have allergic factors. Therefore, breast-feeding mothers eat such food, you need to be cautious.

You can eat a small amount of

at the beginning, after eating, observe the baby milk, urine, and whether the baby skin rash and other allergic may, if not, you can gradually increase. If the baby has allergies or allergic reactions, should stop eating.

3. alcohol

some local tradition, after giving birth by month of wine industry. This method is not desirable, "contains a month of wine in the alcohol will not only reduce the intake of water and the mothers body, alcohol will reduce the secretion of prolactin in the body of the mother.

in addition, the mother’s milk in the composition of alcohol will be secreted through milk to the baby, the baby will lead to sleep disorders, excessive excitement and so on. Therefore, breast-feeding mothers should try to reduce or even avoid the use of alcohol containing food or drinks.

4. caffeine content of more food

coffee, tea, functional beverages containing more caffeine, caffeine makes human central nervous excitement. Although there is no clear evidence that it is directly harmful to the baby, but the molecular extremely small amount of caffeine metabolites, through the secretion of milk to enter the baby’s body, and the baby body decomposition enzyme caffeine rarely, therefore, the baby is particularly sensitive to caffeine.

caffeine can cause the baby over excited, even crying, affect the baby sleep and nervous system development. Therefore, treasure mom or try to restrain their favor of these things.

5. too stimulating food

excessive spicy, too cold to stimulate the food during lactation is also;