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"King Kong": Skeleton Island new photo exposure gorilla first revealed truth roar – Sohu entertainment "King Kong:" as the first diamond Skull Island New Sohu revealed truth entertainment news (text Da Zi) the legendary pictures produced the super disaster movie "King Kong" (Kong: Skull: Skull Island Island), today in the new period "Entertainment Weekly" on the release of the latest stills. In this photo, the body huge gorilla growled appeared on the screen, the momentum is invincible. The film director Jordan – Vogt – Roberts (Jordan Vogt-Roberts) also revealed the latest news about the film: even though it is a new version of "Godzilla" screenwriter Max Baorensitan penned the script, but it is not the story structure is similar to the "Godzilla", in addition, it is not a "beauty and the beast" as the work, it will be the perspective to spy on the origin of animal species, as well as the origin of hidden behind the secret. The film reflects the metaphor and tragic elements, it will have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and the 1933 edition of "King Kong". "King Kong" tells the story: Skull Island Skeleton Island secret, here is a huge monster King’s hometown, but also many mysterious creatures of the habitat, the film pattern will be greater, in addition to diamond, will also focus on more creatures, the story is more complex. Director Jordan had previously directed the "summer king", the film at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival won the evaluation quite well, he also became one of Hollywood’s new director, but more compelling, or by "Lei Shen" series of popular "Tom" Tom hiddleston. Famous black actor Samuel – Jackson also joined the film. In the production of "King Kong" effects, Terry Notty (Terry Notary) to complete all of the action in the diamond motion capture technology, "Warcraft" in Durotan British actor Tobey – Gobel (Toby Kebbell) provides the diamond "performance". The diamond will also appear in the 2020 release of "King Kong" Godzilla, Godzilla’s height will be 3 times the king. Can imagine, the future of the monster movie will be how incredible. The trailer before the release of the super diamond, exposing only the head contour of a palm and a backlight, but it is enough to make people feel terrible. In the movie people seem very small, the helicopter was overturned a diamond. "Tom" Tom hiddleston played in the film a handsome, he carried the gun charge into the enemy ranks alongside Oscar winner, Shinco Bree – Larson. But the King Kong has yet to reveal the panorama. The movie will hit theaters in North America in March 10, 2017.相关的主题文章: