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UnCategorized When I was growing up, the ability to make pizza from scratch was an enviable skill, so it’s no wonder that when I began learning to cook, I made homemade pizza a number one priority in my recipe list. Since then, I’ve received countless .pliments on the homemade pies I’ve put together. So if you want to learn how to make your own pizza or just improve the technique you’re already using, then these tips can get you on the right track. Remember first that any cooking requires some experimentation, so if you ever get discouraged because your recipe doesn’t turn out as you imagined, just try again another time. A little tweaking will always be necessary so that you can appease your family’s personal tastes–it’s a fact. Many inexperienced cooks and bakers tend to shy away from using yeast because they fear it’s too .plicated, but using it is actually fairly straightforward. Usually, one "package" of dry active yeast (which is two and 1/4 teaspoons’ worth) is placed in hot water. After about five minutes, the yeast will be "activated," meaning it can properly do its job to rise the dough. Consult your recipe to find out precisely how much hot water you should use. If you are afraid the concentration of yeast will be too high and negatively influence the taste of the dough, then go ahead and gradually add more water and flour until you can offset the flavor. Bake a small piece of the finished product and taste it in order to determine your level of success. The pan in which you bake can make all the difference. Using a cast iron pizza often produces a pie with a gourmet parlor-style crust. You can either use a traditional cooking spray or cornmeal for a nonstick effect. The latter tends to add more texture to the bottom and sides of the crust. Before adding sauce, cheese, and toppings, lightly coat the crust with olive oil for a smoothness and extraordinary flavor. You can use any olive oil you have on hand, but the gourmet garlic choice works best for me. A plethora of simplistic sauce formulas can be found online, but don’t be afraid to tweak it to suit your own palate. The first recipe I sampled was too sweet, so I made some changes. In a hurry? Traditional pasta sauce will work as well as anything. When adding toppings, it’s best to layer them with the cheeses you choose for an added dynamic. Just as it is with cooking virtually anything, you have to be willing to play and learn from mistakes. If you are dissatisfied with one recipe, try another–until you get it exactly right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: