Ken won the game can not afford to lose even the end of the harvest confidence-clazziquai

To end Diyar win lose game losing streak to gain confidence the Jiangsu team in the home court won the first victory of the season Jinling Evening News reporter Li in last night’s CBA League in the fourth round, Jiangsu kendiya in home court Zhenjiang to 117:93 victory over the Fujian team, after the end of losing at the same time to get the first win of the season. This game, kendiya two scoring tool to play well, the horse is · Brooks had scored the highest 32 points, Yi Li also added 28 points. In this game, Li Yuanyu and Liu Wei kendiya from Yi Li, Ma Shang · Brooks and Cao Fei in the starting lineup, after opening the kendiya team into the state soon, rely on Li Yuanyu’s inside sudden strong and easy vertical outwire three points, kendiya played 11:4 wave of attacks. The middle of the first quarter, with a large foreign aid Samuels replaced kendiya Ma Shang, the team in scoring drought, Fujian team gradually catching up with the score, but with Yi Li hit the buzzer three, kendiya 28:21 lead with 7 points at the end of the first quarter. After the start of the second quarter, the team broke up three kendiya feeling fiery, Chen Lei and Cao Fei hit three consecutive points, kendiya will lead to two digits. The Fujian team was forced to call a timeout, but still can not stop the kendiya up momentum, the end of the first half, kendiya 58:38 lead with 20 points. It is worth mentioning that, Yi Li in the first half hit 5 points, scored 22 points, is the highest of all players on both sides of the three. The beginning of the second half, both sides are beginning to force foreign aid teams, you come to me, Cartier has been the lead maintained at around 20, but the third day of the second half, the Fujian team Wang Zhelin put on after strengthening under the basket attack, recovered some points, third node beam, kendiya leading 80:67. After the start of the fourth quarter, Ma Shang · Brooks took over the game, he can not vote outside the inside of the game, the game has completely lost suspense. Finally, kendiya gain a victory in the home court. Any confidence to win back the most important no one would think Jiangsu kendiya will encounter the season losing streak, no one would have thought kendiya last night in home court victory over the Fujian team 24 points, the Fujian team has two national champion Wang Zhelin and Zhao Tailong, plus two outstanding ability of foreign aid, their paper strength is not weak Diyar beacon. A war last night, Cartier has come to not lose the point, otherwise the confidence of the team will be completely defeated, not to mention the playoff goal. Fortunately, the team at the crucial moment kendiya resisted pressure from the beginning of the game, the team will show a momentum, players no longer like the first few races so hesitant and cautious, as long as there is a chance to resolutely attack. The last game scoreless Li Yuanyu, after the opening of even 3 points, opened up the situation for the team; Cao Fei joined the team, in the face of other foreign aid approach, also dare to score; Yi Li is a veteran swept the previous decline, after the opening of a series of 3 hit three points ball. The early establishment of an advantage on the score, for kendiya player’s confidence has been greatly improved, but also makes the trend of the whole game so smooth. From this angle.相关的主题文章: