Kate Williams, A Business Mentor Worthy Of Emulation.-jodie foster

Careers-Employment In a man dominated environment, there are still some female personalities that do have the quality to outshine their male canter part, only a few of these women have really been honored for their work. Among them is this unique personality who have a humble startup but through persistence, hard work and discipline, she was able to rise through the ranks and files and was able to turn a little business venture into a hugh success just few years later. This personality is no other than the 2011 Lifetime achievers award recipients in the person of Kate Williams. Her career in business started in the year 1984 when Fairfield Owner approached her with a proposition for her to join his firm as a marketing agent. In fact, her quest for financial success and lifelong achievement, she decided to accept the proposition of Mr. Ed Beckley. And fully move in so as to make a success out of Fairfield Marketing and infomercial business. See the need to approach the needs of clients and TV viewers; she decided to launch her firm, which she started in the year 1987. Williams Worldwide Inc. started in the year 1987 from her living room with just an assistant, but later grew with over 25 persons working an approximate time limit of 7 hours. Seeing the need for expansion, Kate expanded from her living room to her garage, which was still small, and she had to move to an ultra-modern office facility. All this growth in business was due to her dedication in little projects and her determination to approach each single project with lots of care, paying attention to little details and lots more. She had among her clients list firms like Oral B, dell, Toshiba, Windows, Apple etc. Been able to excel this far, .anization sort after her services and in 1991, she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for the city of Los Angeles in 1991.In fact, she brought a new face to infomercial, and this led to the boost of both tv ad placement, shopping on TV which was also solely pioneered by her was also a big booster. She also sold Williams Worldwide Inc. in 1999 because, she saw a brighter life endeavor in which to indulge in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: