Joseph Lau issued a statement that his life is better than gossip drama

Joseph Lau broke his life than gossip entanglement statement drama wonderful Joseph Lau and actress (information) Joseph Lau and Joseph Lau Kempe and Lv Lijun Sina entertainment news recently, Hongkong businessman Joseph Lau lace news spread, two women to wait on one man’s harem rivalry drama suspected the dust settles, finally sit on the throne of Joseph Lau ward gambia. According to Hongkong media reported on November 15th, Joseph Lau issued a statement in a number of newspapers in Hongkong, said that as early as in 2014, and broke up with Lv Lijun, now the relationship between the two, is limited to two people are the parents of two young children. A total of two women were bad things more exciting life talk about Joseph Lau and Lv Lijun, after the divorce was Gabby Joseph Lau, from the start in 1998. Known as the "altar shares sniper" Joseph Lau, is also a worthy of the name "female star sniper", worked with Rosamund Kwan [micro-blog], Michele Lee [micro-blog], Ada Choi [micro-blog] Hongkong first female star scandal. Joseph Lau said Liu, according to legend, as the real estate tycoon Liu to send female star real estate bubble weapon. According to Hong Kong media broke the news, two luxury villa Liu had sent Michele Lee 80 million of the value of the favor, had to name two homes for Ada Choi to repay huge gambling debts owed by the mother. In the early years, Liu was in Canada school in Toronto, and made from Beijing Alice au. In 1977, Joseph Lau and Alice Au two people married, fathered a child and a woman, Liu Mingwei Liu Xiurong. By the end of 1992, his first wife Alice Au high divorce. In 1998, Lv Lijun participated in the Miss Hong Kong after the election returned to London to continue reading, and in a luxury shop part-time salesman. A 51 year old Joseph Lau to England when shopping, became acquainted with the work in the shop of Lv Lijun, the two quickly heats up, then, Lv Lijun Joseph Lau gave birth to a child. And how long did Lv Lijun together, Joseph Lau knew that when he was a Hongkong newspaper entertainment reporter Gambia, Gambi also had a son and a daughter, as Liu students since then, two women to wait on one man more than a decade of palace fighting life began, Lv Lijun and Joseph Lau who will enter the main Temple Gambia get a huge amount of property has become the throne of netizens hot topic at leisure. 2014 Joseph Lau had ho throw more than 200 million shots of the top 3 blue diamond to give birth to the mother and daughter of, and her daughter named Zoe diamond The Zoe Diamond, pet can be seen. Liu daughter love is fair to both sides, receive ho in November 2015 after Lv Lijun and her daughter, Joseph Lau, and spent 180 million yuan to do the daughter took a rare pink diamond, limelight without the two time. Joseph Lau Lv Lijun 16 years of feeling broken end host Gambi according to Hong Kong media said recently, more than a year, a pet to accompany Gambi Liu trend more and more obvious, Joseph Lau often took her to attend important occasions, like position over Lv Lijun. Finally, in November 15th, Joseph Lau issued a statement declaring his girlfriend 16 years off with love, Lv Lijun. We can see from the statement, Joseph Lau and Lv Lijun have split up in 2014, and conclude a written agreement, commitment of both sides in the future will not ask each other, or to recover any)相关的主题文章: