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Joker will join "I am 5" singer? Guest list of suspected outflow – Sohu will join Joker entertainment exposure "I am a singer 5"   Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news recently, "I am a singer" the fifth season hot news for discussion, all on the list of guests also became friends and fans are most concerned about the topic. Recently, micro-blog issued a number @ mango Hong Tao Bo said: "most of the @ and private messages, thank you recommend singer…… Do you, when he noticed his show, several pieces of CD car are Joker song ", let users guess the Joker before joining the" I am a singer "message in the fifth quarter more certainty. "I am a singer 5" guest list of suspected outflow "model worker" Joker bear the brunt of the first half of this year, Joker can be called "model workers", a total of more than and 30 in the show as a guest. Previously, he had said he would not participate in variety show. However, recently, "I am a singer 5" guest list out, Joker name impressively. Even with careful users of Joker in "I am a singer in the fifth quarter as" the possibility of a careful analysis, pointed out that the "new generation" to China news leaked in Joker after its joining "I am a singer 5" is more That’s final. According to the analysis of users, has always been "I am a singer" and "new generation" before Chinese are inextricably linked. "Most of the music teachers in the new generation of" Chinese come from "I am a singer", such as the first season of Yu Quan, Aska Yang, Ku Kui Kei, Chen Ming and other singers. Had participated in the "new generation" China many guests, after the end of the new generation of "China" into "I am a singer" queue, such as Jeff Chang, Lala Hsu etc.. While being hit "China new generation 4" music teacher Su Yunying, also as the Tiguan singer attended the "I’m a singer 4". Can be said that the "new generation" and "I Chinese is long-standing relationship between input and output of celebrity guest singers", from the first quarter to the fourth quarter now, participated in the "new generation" China guests, either Zhang Jie or Gary are from me is "I am a singer". It appears that this season participated in the "new generation" of the possibility of China Joker joined the "I’m a singer 5" is great, because this is the two files from the professional, listen to the feelings and intention of making the nation’s premier music program. Joker exposes music by "habit", the micro-blog @ mango Hong Tao admiration, recently, micro-blog released micro-blog @ mango Hong Tao said: "for a long time do not see micro-blog. The overwhelming and private letter @. See a puzzling screenshot. Thank you very much for the recommendation of the singer, let us in the selection criteria and we want to know who we want to go, after all, we are doing for the majority of the audience! I would love some songs every moment to listen in the car for two months, several CD have Joker song. Do not hide from everyone, the show when the time to pay attention to him." This micro-blog out, immediately triggered hot friends, a time to comment on the thousands of times. Recently, Joker also released his latest album "beginners". Some media reports, in the release of this album, he said, since"相关的主题文章: