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Jinjiang elevator maintenance electrician fault caught dead lift entrance by warning signs stop clamping elevator is located in District 8 Building Strait news network September 23rd (Strait Metropolis Daily Reporter Lin   naive Ventura) the day before 3 pm, Jinjiang Jiangwan international community a Shiyuan elevator incident, 39 year old electrician Chen was caught died on the spot. It is understood that the area of the end of June this year just submitted, because many owners in the decoration, the elevator often transport building materials, so frequent faults. At present, the police have ruled out criminal cases. Residential property Quanzhou three far property company did not respond to the matter. Someone has closed elevator brand Xizi Otis yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene, someone’s elevator is located in the District No. 8 building, brand XIZIOTIS (Xizi Otis), power-off disable. Elevator entrance has been closed, there is a warning sign. During the interview, several owners said, the day before yesterday, 8 building elevator failure, the electrical property sent to repair, the result of accidents. Owners believe that after the elevator failure, should be looking for professional maintenance, should not let the electrician to view. However, this argument has not been confirmed in terms of property. The reporter also learned that the district at the end of June was submitted, many owners are often shipped elevator decoration, building materials, so frequent failure. No. 7 floor tenants Mr. Lu said, there are two elevator of each building, as a temporary goods ladder, "more than 1 months ago, I heard someone sitting ladder, from the 21 floor to the 10 floor, the results of a drop to the 2 floor, is also good". Miss Yu, another resident, said she lived in building 5, there have been sudden stop of the elevator accident. The property refused to accept the safety supervision and other departments involved in the interview yesterday, reporters from the Quanzhou sea far three property companies understand the situation, the staff members of the responsible person is not "on the grounds, refused to be interviewed. Informed sources have revealed that the deceased was a field man Chen, director of the Department of property. The day before 3 pm, the owners reflect the 8 building elevator problem. Property owners did not find Chen, went to the 8 floor view, but found Chen was sandwiched between the elevator wall between the 3 floor and the 4 floor. Responsible person immediately to the police, the fire rushed to the rescue, Chen, which has died. The source said that Chen was caught, no one witnessed the process. The families of the deceased, said Chen joined the property company in 2005, has been an electrician, there are 3 children, the eldest daughter of 5 years old, the youngest daughter of more than 3 years old, his son was only one year old, the family will rely on him to make money." Family members said that after the incident, they asked the property company refused the transfer of site monitoring. The reporter then contacted the Jinjiang safety supervision department. The staff said, the day before yesterday received a report on the incident, they will be involved in the investigation. Jinjiang Market Authority said yesterday that it has sent people to investigate. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. Suspect in the overhaul of the elevator, the elevator suddenly broke down, he was also caught in the elevator. Although the fire department after more than 1 hours of emergency rescue, but was rescued, the 39 year old man has died Chen daejeon. Yesterday (21 May) at about 3 pm,相关的主题文章: