Jingdong bank to come from Liu Qiangdong who started the market

Jingdong bank to come from Liu Qiangdong who started the market

Liu Qiangdong

China Times (public number: ChinaTimes) reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported

financial position in the next 12 years, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong planning more important.

2 month 10 days, Liu Qiangdong in the Jingdong annual meeting said that in the future will soon enter the Jingdong financial securities, including bank credit, a Jingdong will apply for their own banks or holding a bank, such Jingdong can provide full financial services for users.

and Jingdong has begun to take the lead from the beginning of the payment of financial services. February 10th, the Ministry of Finance and public relations stakeholders Jingdong to China Times (public number: ChinaTimes), the reporter confirmed Jingdong vice president Xu Ling will be responsible for the payment of business news. The personnel adjustment, is seen as a signal of financial services Jingdong will force payment. But in Alipay and WeChat have long been divided up the payment market, there is much to Jingdong financial space?

personnel adjustment signal

personnel adjustment is often a change in the company’s signal.

2 9, Jingdong Finance released internal e-mail, announced the payment business management framework to adjust, the former vice president in charge of consumer financial services, Xu Ling will be in charge of payment services. This internal letter also shows the original Jingdong financial ious business person in charge area will let consumer finance division head. Prior to the payment of the business of Xie Jinsheng served as head of the Ministry of Finance and technology division, specializing in the integration of financial technology output. In addition, the financial sector of the rural financial services from the original two business units to upgrade into a business unit.

2 9 evening Xu Ling circle of friends in recognition of their own will be responsible for the payment of business news, and said that in addition to taking over the payment business, he will continue to be responsible for rural financial services.

Xu Ling executives in charge of the business is considered to be the financial Jingdong in 2017 to force payment business signal. According to the China Times (public number: ChinaTimes), the reporter learned that Xu Ling joined Jingdong in September 2013 to participate in the preparation of Jingdong finance, and the establishment of consumer finance system. The industry called "white helm". Prior to joining Jingdong finance, Xu Ling has 9 years of banking experience.

this adjustment of personnel structure and Jingdong finance has just released a new strategy in 2017 related.

in January of this year, Jingdong financial CEO Chen Shengqiang delivered a speech at the annual meeting of the foreign financial risk control, payment, technology investment, rural finance and other six aspects of the financial strategy of the Jingdong in 2017. In addition, he also revealed no accident, then in 2017 Jingdong finance will achieve an independent spin off from Jingdong group.

in these six aspects of planning, payment was repeatedly mentioned Jingdong financial executives. Chen Shengqiang said at the annual meeting mentioned above, "payment to Jingdong"