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Ji’nan: rain umbrella up "pregnant women fainted by temporary delivery room (map) original title: Ji’nan rain street Ubume all pregnant women set up" love delivery room "Qilu news network October 23rd (reporter Cui Jingjing Wang Huaisen) in the Ji’nan bus terminal near the south gate yesterday morning, a pregnant woman on the side of the road suddenly collapsed, rupture of the amniotic fluid was produced. The station staff and the mentality of people around a temporary delivery room, staged a startling and tender scene. According to the "Daily News" reported that the incident more than 10 points in the morning, it was raining, the temperature is very low, and the ground water, some people found that pregnant women had already broken amniotic fluid, which can be put in the station’s brother they anxious, did not dare to move freely, quickly find a raincoat and umbrella cover for pregnant women, and dialed 120. At this time the behavior of the people are also more up, but can not contact the woman’s family, pregnant women are more and more critical situation, groaning painfully. The woman was about to produce, when the medical staff of Ji’nan long distance bus terminal Ding Li rushed to the scene, we decided to help women at the critical moment. In the rain, the work station staff, good Samaritan woman surrounded by layers on the side of the road, around a temporary delivery room. Soon, the woman gave birth to a baby girl. Due to traffic jam, 120 emergency vehicles have not arrived at the scene, when a Lu AT1777 taxi came over. Kind of brother exhibition en tree taxi drivers show en tree: "I went to the bus station to send the guest at the time, saw a lot of people around, look at the past turned out to be a baby, hurriedly to the hospital. After delivery of pregnant women, the master chef to wash the car and took the fruit back to the hospital to visit the mother. The station’s brother they have also been accompanied by the hospital. Ji’nan long distance bus terminal Lu eldest brother: to the hospital postpartum hemorrhage, the doctor said fortunately sent in time. We come back to cook soup with brown sugar, something to eat to go to the hospital to see her. Is still a good man! Very excited! They’re all right……" Today, the reporter learned from the hospital, maternal and child safety. Thanks to the enthusiastic citizens, thank the kind of show the taxi driver master, although they can be strangers to each other with their own actions, to convey positive energy.相关的主题文章: