Jiang Jieshi diary of Mao Zedong not good to deal with the river can not escape the palm-cibi

Mao Zedong Jiang Jieshi’s Diary: not a good deal could not escape the palm Jiang core tip: flying the hair off go, Chiang was in Chongqing’s official residence Lin Yuan walk in, he thought, how was he to do this thing, and then he wrote the words in his diary, he said, this man Mao Zedong Yin Yang – not a good deal, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance. But Chiang and writing, I knew hair cannot succeed, he will not escape the palm of my hand. Like these, Chiang’s inner world, we can find the secret through the diary. Mao Zedong and Jiang Jieshi photo data extracted from the chart: people.com.cn, author: Yang Tianshi, the original title: Yang Tianshi: tell Jiang Jieshi what you don’t know, excerpts from the diary of Jiang Jieshi started a diary from 1915, has been credited to 1972, a total of 57 years of record. I have asked some friends, I said that the world’s leaders who have left a diary for 57 years? Roosevelt of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, France, France, De Gaulle, none of them have a diary of the, the United States, the United States, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No. I have asked some of my friends, I said, in the Chinese Communist leaders, who has left a diary for 57 years? Mao Liu and Zhou Zhu don’t have a diary. As far as I know, only two of the leaders of the Communist Party of China have a diary to stay, one is Yang Shangkun, one is Wang Dongxing, but unfortunately, they are less than a diary for 57 years, the time is relatively short. So it’s a great thing to have someone like Jiang Jieshi who can keep a diary for 57 years. We study history, we can often see the politician’s public speech, his performance on the political arena, these are all good research. But our greatest difficulty is not to understand the inner world of politicians. That’s what he’s thinking about when he’s making a public speech. At the same time, politicians in public activities, there are many horizontal operations, behind the scenes activities. These historians, the public can not see. The advantage of Jiang Jieshi’s diary is that he helps us to solve two puzzles, one that helps us to understand Jiang Jieshi’s inner world, the secrets of his heart. In addition, to help us understand many of the political insider, many mysteries. I just give an example of the 1945 victory, Jiang Jieshi called Mao Zedong to the three telegram, invited Mao Zedong to Chongqing to discuss the affairs of state. Mao Zedong went, Jiang Jieshi consider how to receive Mao Zedong, he began to decide, the four word policy "sincere, patience". Is said to be very honest with Mao Zedong, and estimate the Chiang hair will have very high demand, so he said "patience", after Mao to Chongqing, by Zhou Enlai said the Communist Party views, first, said the struggle for the realization of the three people’s principles; second, that the generalissimo now the leading position in the country. The two Jiang Jieshi was very comfortable, very happy, but some other hair some conditions, Jiang Jieshi is very angry, think Mao high requirements, think Mao is a big opening, so the policy change immediately reception, change the other four word, we think, is "detention, trial," Jiang think by Mao to Chongqing to negotiate the opportunity, hair buckle down, and then use the law to judge him. Jiang thought, if the hair in Chongqing.相关的主题文章: