Jia Yueting elaborates on the 16 billion 800 million financing how to spend, LETV from safe

Jia Yueting elaborates on the 16 billion 800 million financing how to spend, LETV from safe?

left for Sun Hongbin right for Jia Yueting

Jin Jia Yueting and his music company once again staged a reversal, a helping hand is the same as the Chinese SUNAC chairman Sun Hongbin shanxi.

according to the evening of January 13th LETV and SUNAC Chinese’s announcement shows that the music financing 16 billion 800 million, among them, the financial record China to a total of 15 billion 41 million of the amount of shares incorporated in the acquisition of LETV, music to new music as well as music and pictures, in addition, China Life Insurance and investment respectively to 1 billion 430 million and 400 million of the amount of the music to new investment.

specific transaction amount and equity ratio:


Jia Yueting through the transfer of the old shares the way, get the financial record of the 6 billion 41 million investment, financial record for fun as the network 8.61% stake; as the new financial record, to 7 billion 950 million yuan to obtain a new 33.5% stake by LETV placement, of which 4 billion 950 million yuan from LETV LETV holding hands and purchase a total of 26.1% before the issuance of the the old shares, at the same time before the valuation of investment 27 billion yuan to increase 3 billion yuan, accounting for additional 10%; music studios, music studios, a 15% stake in the acquisition of financial innovation from LETV holding hands with 1 billion 50 million yuan amount.

and music investment and Huaxia life of the 1 billion 830 million investment are additional, after the transaction as a result of music as a result of the new shares accounted for 4.4926% and 1.2567%.

After the completion of

in this transaction, SUNAC Chinese become music as a system of listed plate LETV and music to second new major shareholder, but also become an important shareholder LETV pictures plate. and as of now, the proportion of shares in the LETV LETV 25.84%, is still the largest shareholder of Jia Yueting.

clear the specific reasons for the stock transaction is that we have to look at the boss to get the money, in the end how to spend?

this afternoon, in the music as well as the financial integration of the strategic communication meeting, Jia Yueting on the use of the money is also described.

according to their argument, the financing is divided into the old shares and the issuance of two, the amount was 10 billion 991 million and 5 billion 880 million, according to the investor’s agreement, the money will be spent in two parts, namely, in addition to the car outside the ecological system of listed companies and non-listed company system.

According to Jia Yueting

, which belongs to the 5 billion 880 million listed companies, will be running in the internal system of listed companies, including music as pictures, music to new etc.. Through the 10 billion 991 million transfer of the old shares to cash will be put to the private system, including globalization, mobile phone, ecology etc..

of course, in these plates, the most money is also the music as the phone.

in accordance with previous media reports, the mobile phone business is currently in the music sector, in addition to the car outside the Department of the Ministry of finance is the most