Japanese scientists believe that the earth’s core contains a large number of silicon about 5% of the

Japanese scientists believe that the earth’s core components are mainly iron, nickel and silicon

Japanese scientists believe they have unveiled the identity of the earth’s most long-term "missing" chemical element.

scientists are trying to find out the hidden in the core of the earth element has decades of time, they believe that such elements constitute the core of a considerable percentage, second only to iron and nickel.

now, the environment of high temperature and high pressure area of the equipment to reproduce the core in the core, experiments show that in addition to iron and nickel, third elements are most likely there should be si. This discovery will help scientists better understand the process of our planet.

The first author

the study, Professor Ootani Ji Graduate School of science, North University of Japanese media said: "we believe that silicon is a main element — according to the mass ratio calculation, in the earth’s core accounted for more than 5%, it is dissolved in iron nickel alloys."

hard to reach

the core part of the earth – the core, scientists believe that a solid sphere, its diameter of about 1200 km. This part is so deep that it is difficult to carry out any direct study, so the scientists mainly infer the properties of the seismic wave. So far, we believe that the earth’s core from the mass ratio, the iron accounted for about 85%, nickel accounted for about 10%. In order to investigate what the remaining 5% quality elements should be, Professor Ootani Ji and his team tried to integrate silicon into iron nickel alloy.


is then applied to high temperature and high pressure conditions similar to the depth of the earth’s core. The researchers found that a series of features of the mixed product are consistent with some of the features of the earth’s core, as revealed by seismic waves. Of course, the professor also pointed out that the future need to carry out more work to confirm the actual existence of silicon in the kernel, he now also can not rule out the possibility of other elements exist.

Formation of


in the evaluation of this work, the University of Cambridge professor Simon Redfien (Simon Redfern) said: "this difficult experiment is very exciting, because they provide a window for us to observe, in 4 billion 500 million years ago has just begun its core and the earth he separated the circle is how." But he also pointed out that other research groups have recently suggested that oxygen may also exist in the earth’s inner core. He says understanding the elements of the earth’s core will help scientists better understand the process of the formation of the earth.

what is a problem, scientists have been very concerned about the answer: it is formed in the early stage of the kernel in the earth, whether it is in a state of lack of oxygen, which is the so-called "reduced", or in a state of oxygen rich, or "oxidized"? If that study as suggested by Professor otani,;