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Jane Zhang Feng Ke today married Mom: not received a daughter wedding invitation – Sohu news   November 6th, Feng Ke Tan and Jane Zhang’s wedding, "said the accompanying text to accompany you so to build the Great Wall, eat a string of children, until the old." Subsequently, Jane Zhang sweet response and quipped: "out of the closet is not refundable!" Two large dog food, very sweet. Today (November 7th), Jane Zhang’s mother in an interview with the media, actually said that did not receive her daughter’s wedding invitation, you know, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s wedding will be held on the 8. Jane Zhang mother said he was still in Chengdu, the invitation of the matter, said Feng Ke did not say anything, because she did not say anything, because of their marriage, I am very sad, depressed mood in." In addition, she said, still can not accept Feng Ke, before the lawsuit with the first instance of Feng Ke, but also continue to follow the legal process". It is reported that Jane Zhang and Feng Ke quietly fell in love for 12 years, in July 2015, Jane Zhang was in the Changsha sing on the initiative to publish the two love. In October, Feng Ke at the Chengdu concert in the proposed success of the. Jane Zhang said in an interview, the two will be held in 2016 wedding. Some time ago, when Jane Zhang Feng Ke announced that the wedding will be held, Jane Zhang’s mother and Feng Ke dispute made the last two people raise a Babel of criticism of shake hands. But all of this is being questioned in order to Jane Zhang’s new release of the English single hype, although she repeatedly denied, but the user’s question is not stopped. In October 21st five, Jane Zhang micro Bo said "vent for a week, or back, although not bright days……" Fans have comforted that these will be in the past, come on, happy happy, good luck, I wish the English album smooth." After the birthday of Jane Zhang media group visit to respond to the recent storm. She said she had a very bad two days, did not sleep how to eat". The first day return home with mom at midnight to communicate, Zhuo great mother on the phone, she answered angrily to each other: "stop harassing my mom, or not done with you!" And tell Zhang mother not to contact with Zhuo wei. But then his mother back with Zhuo Wei call and apologize, said her daughter had not a good attitude, did not expect to chat and be recorded by words, the latest revelations.相关的主题文章: