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James: don’t be Curitiba smile deceiving he is a fierce competitor –   sports Sohu; Beijing on September 8th news, reporting from CBS’s "Alan show" in the day before, the Cavaliers star Lebron – James said about Stephen – Curitiba, don’t be "Adorable smile deceiving God" the! In recent years, in addition to curry won the regular season MVP, NBA also constantly refresh the record three points. James revealed that he is actually very understanding curitiba. "He (Library) is certainly a great guy," James said, "let me tell you, he is a fierce competitor. So when he’s in front of you, don’t be cheated by his smile. The best thing for me is that we are the two most talked about players in the world, and we were all born in Akron, Ohio. So it means a lot to me." It is worth mentioning that the library will be a guest "Alan show" in the next week. This year’s finals, the Cavaliers in the total score 1-3 behind the warriors, the final 3 wins in a row. "This title is very important to me, and compared to the previous two championship feel completely different," James said, "two years ago when I decided to go back home to play, my goal is to win the first NBA Championship for the home. So this champion means everything to me." The new season, James and Curitiba will continue to compete in the stadium. The outside world has been predicted, the warriors and Cavaliers to realignment finals for third consecutive years…… On the other hand, today is Kevin – Happy birthday, James in the social media, "Eros" happy birthday. James also uploaded a short video, in which he sang a birthday song from the photo of the University of. There have been rumors that the relationship between James and Lok Fu is not harmonious. Now, James broke the rumor himself. (Jim)相关的主题文章: