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James a knight two defeats Lori 25+6. [collection] half Erwin Raptors 119-94 Lori Knight half 25 + 6 beat Erwin Tencent sports news October 14th Knight preseason 94-119 defeat to the Raptors, suffered two defeats. Kell Lowry played the first half only played 20 minutes, scored 25 points and 6 assists, de – Deluozan truce. This side of the Cavaliers, Kaili – Erwin 15 voted in 5, get a score of 8 assists, Tristan – the return of 8 points to get a rebound of 3 points and 13 rebounds in the United States and the United states. Lebron – James truce, veteran Channing Frye leave a sprained ankle. Lori shot the field star: Kell Lori Lori and Erwin two people are some of the enemy, the all star game in the past two years, is from Lori Erwin first, forcing Erwin for a year as a substitute for a year, missed the all star game. If there is no accident, then two people in 2017 will once again compete for the East all star debut. Meet exceptionally jealous enemies, in today’s competition, Lori obviously prevailed, only scored 25 points and 6 assists, students will go than Erwin. Game review: Lori dominate the eastern face of the rival in the final last year, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue still attaches great importance to the Raptors, he sent in addition to all of the main Lebron James outside. Toronto emphasis on the game is relatively limited, they are more than the main players, including Jared Sa Linjie, de – Deluozan et al. Kohler Kardashian boyfriend Tristan Thompson comeback today, he soon received a Erwin pass, complete the layup, scoring the cavaliers. In the subsequent match, Knight rushes back very well, Erwin completed a CIC a three points, Carrefour has hit two three points, they help the rider 17-6 lead, stop playing toronto. After the suspension of the attack is still very good knight, the first day to 7 minutes and 48 seconds, Iman – Sweet Alpert hit three points, the knight only 4 minute 12 seconds to get 20 points to lead 20-8. Toronto later in Kell Lowry instigated the attack, the first section to 4 minutes 30 seconds, in Demarui Lori Carol assists layup, the Raptors played a 10-3 attack wave, close to 18-23 score. The first section of the end of the game, the Raptors to score 29-31. The second day after the start of the game, Lori played exceptionally well, a man hit a knight of a 7-3 attack wave, help the Raptors 36 leveled the score. This section to 8 minutes and 57 seconds, Cavaliers de Andre Liggins fouls, the game into the official suspended. Lying on the sidelines of the Lebron – James also stood up, his face relaxed, after all, it was only a pre-season game. After the suspension of Knight sent Erwin et al., but Toronto has potential in Cory, Joseph hit three points after the Raptors 43-42 counter ultra score, this is the game for the first time ahead. In the game, the Cavs offense completely stalled, Lori dominate the game, one gets 5 points and 1 assists, the team made a 11-0 attack wave, help the Raptors will lead to 12 points. In the game, the Raptors firmly occupy the field active half to lead 69-50..相关的主题文章: