It’s not a bad thing to use an inexpensive home Blaster

a home shock wave treatment instrument landing platform to raise the public, the price of 1/3 of the general product, can help people at home shock wave therapy, reduce pain disorders.

(Lotus) the so-called family pain treatment device you must not unfamiliar, usually using neuromuscular electrical stimulation principle (NMES), the connection to the area of pain treatment.


easy to use inexpensive home shockwave therapy machine pain is not something      



neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy in the world has gained a certain clinical application, but the treatment effect of physiology has been controversial, whether it can really eliminate pain is controversial, many manufacturers will also be the exaggerated magic panacea therapy. In fact, the FDA’s approval of its treatment is strictly "reducing muscle spasms, strengthening healthy muscles, etc.".

relative electrotherapy, there is a non-invasive physical therapy more reliable and more effective, is the shock wave (Shockwave). It has been used for more than ten years of clinical application, but now it has become a new type of physical therapy.

as its name implies, shock wave therapy is the use of different frequencies of vibration to produce shock waves, some impact on human muscles. Usually large hospitals have ultrasound treatment equipment, the use of coupling agent on the skin, you can use the treatment instrument on the skin began to treat, feeling similar to massage.

of course, different intensity will produce different vibration intensity, and the shock wave will penetrate the skin, subcutaneous tissue, blood vessels and muscles play a certain role in the treatment.

, however, the average volume of ultrasound therapy is very large, and expensive, the average family is clearly unable to use it as a home treatment device. Fortunately, some manufacturers began to launch products for the home market.

, a domestic ultrasonic treatment instrument landing platform to raise public, we can see that it basically big body to narrow the desktop machine to the old, the handle can be connected with external treatment, shock wave treatment.

It is reported that

, its performance and the use of general medical institutions are the same performance, can treat a variety of symptoms such as pain, tendinitis, also can stimulate the body’s capacity to heal.