It turned out that she was not just varicose veins – the completion of the first Sino Japanese hospi-sweets parade

She is not only the varices — in hospital completed the country’s first dedicated iliac vein stent implantation – Sohu health above blue "in hospital" concern us case playback patients Xu, middle-aged women, with left lower extremity varicose veins for years, different from other patients with varicose veins, her left lower limb obviously the right diameter by 3cm, nearly 3 years of rapid development with lower limb pain. After a number of hospital diagnosis, diagnosis of primary varicose veins". In the clinic in our hospital, patients may be highly suspected of iliac vein compression, the left lower extremity venous blood circulation is not smooth, resulting in "secondary varicose veins of lower extremity". Iliac vein compression syndrome condition is hidden, it is very easy to missed diagnosis, mainly manifested as the swelling of the left lower limb, venous expansion, some patients will have limited walking distance performance. For patients with such a simple varicose vein surgery, patients with postoperative swelling of the legs can not be relieved, and prone to recurrence after surgery. In September 7, 2016, the patients under local anesthesia in percutaneous internal iliac vein balloon dilatation and stenting for iliac vein stent implantation, the first for the country, the success of. The team in cardiovascular surgery hospital took the lead in the first application of the stent in the treatment of a case of nonthrombotic iliac vein obstruction with varicose vein in patients with grade C3, to take a one-stop treatment in operation room, hospital of advanced composite, not only solve the varicose pain but also solve the problems of iliac vein stenosis, the patients received curative effect minimally invasive treatment of the best and most stable. The development of this technology is the most advanced, minimally invasive and effective treatment for the majority of patients with severe varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, deep venous thrombosis and deep venous thrombosis sequelae. Is the gospel of the patients. What is a sign of iliac vein compression syndrome is most common in the twenty to fifty women Cockett’s, generally considered more women than men, especially women during pregnancy rate. In the past, due to the lack of means of inspection, often can not be found early, most patients are diagnosed with acute thrombosis in the course of treatment. Iliac vein compression syndrome of the actual incidence of no exact data, statistics in patients with acute DVT and chronic venous insufficiency in patients with 18-40% patients with iliac vein compression syndrome, missed diagnosis. Anatomically, the right common iliac vein is almost perpendicular to the inferior vena cava, whereas the left common iliac vein is transverse. The left iliac vein were in the right common iliac artery, may be compressed between it and the spine. Iliac vein compression is a common anatomic variation, as previously noted, 1/4 of healthy individuals are pressurized by the lumen of 50%. Symptoms were seen only in venous hemodynamics or venous pressure changes, or leading to acute or chronic DVT. Two, the clinical manifestation of iliac vein compression syndrome patients have no obvious symptoms, some patients with chronic venous insufficiency symptoms as the main performance, such as lower limb swelling, lower limb pain, pigmentation, venous claudication etc.. A small number of patients presented with acute symptoms, most of which were diagnosed with acute相关的主题文章: