It is on the back of your angel! Gorgeous wings dingxiangwuyuetian

It is on the back of your angel! Angel wings backpack gorgeous struck (Angel) is the original meaning of the messenger of god. Most religious legends have similar concepts, the embodiment of holiness and goodness. In most of the film and television works, Western angels tend to have a pair of white feathers. It’s strong enough for white wings to fly. I believe that many young girls look forward to hope that there is such a wing. Recently, the European and American designers on the design of an angel wings backpack". This series of angel wings backpack producer called Volha Kotava, is a designer in Belarus, Minsk. She’s good at making a lot of fancy dolls with wool blankets, and recently she designed the fun, fun, and a pair of wings. This backpack features a total of 5 kinds of colors, including the inside of the backpack zipper bag, you can put a lot of things. Because it is handmade reasons, the price is not cheap, each backpack needs a color of about 1500 yuan. Let’s take a look at these beautiful angel wings.相关的主题文章: