Is there a new trend The melancholy of cool palace will be replayed-lata-01

Is there a new trend? "The melancholy of" there will be a repeat of 2016 from the various sense is worthy of anime fans remember a year. In addition to many works in the end of this year, there are also "rebellious Luluxiu" and other works in 10th anniversary days of launch. But as the year with Lelouch for annual hegemony works, "the melancholy of" also has been launched in 10th anniversary. Recently, the official suddenly announced a surprising news: works will replay. From the time arrangement, the works will be broadcast on BS11 television, while the launch time is 10 month 2 day at 3 a.m.. If the other works, it may seem pointless replay. But when the 09 edition came out, the official is used to join the new replay technique, it also made a lot of friends There were many discussions. Many people said: "this is a replay……" "I suddenly started to get excited how to do?" "Ha ha, but also see" series of Yamamoto wide "." So what the official playing what abacus? Tencent will continue to focus on animation. "The melancholy of" tells the story of the future, to find aliens, espers, world girl Haruhi Suzumiya founded the SOS group, and the members in addition to all have Kyon, unknown true story…… Click here to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works